More space, bigger screens, and Ford power for next VW Transporter


Volkswagen first showed off a heavily camouflaged version of its next-generation Transporter van back in December – but new specs and interior pictures give us our best look at the new van until the wraps officially come off in September.

The latest information about the upcoming VW Transporter include some pretty precise specifications and information about the van’s initial bodystyles. Reports indicate that the Transporter will be available as a panel van in two different body lengths and heights, a “Kombi” passenger van with two rows of seating, and a “dropside” double cab with six seats.

We also know that the standard Transporter will be just a tick over 5 meters long (146 mm longer than its predecessor) and ride on a wheelbase nearly four inches longer than before, at 3,100 mm (122″). Longer wheelbase models grow even further, measuring 5.45 meters from nose to tail. The new Transporter is also five inches wider than its predecessor.

VW says this growth spurt has helped increase space for both passengers and cargo, with the standard Transporter panel van set to offer 5.8 cubic meters of load space. Payload capacity has risen to match that increased dimensional capacity, from 1.2 to 1.33 tons (2900 lbs.), while the maximum towing capacity now stands at 2.8 tonnes (6100 lbs.).

That additional payload and towing capacity comes courtesy of Volkswagen’s 2019 deal with Ford to co-develop EVs for the European market, and it’s expected that the next-generation Transporter will use the same platform as the latest Transit and E-Transit, which itself recently got a battery upgrade.

In addition to sharing the next Transporter’s dimensions and cargo capacities, Volkswagen also released some new images illustrating the van’s increased capacity and highlighting its new, screen-heavy interior. The renderings show a manual-transmission-equipped van (the Transporter, like its Ford Transit cousin, will still be available as ICE and electric) with digital instruments and infotainment displays sure to make navigating European roads easier for VW’s logistics customers. No word yet on whether or not ChatGPT integration will come standard.

2025 Volkswagen Transporter

The entry-level Volkswagen “e” Transporter will sport a 54 kWh battery and produce 114 bhp. Other models will feature a larger, 83 kWh battery with 134 hp, 215 hp, and 282 hp single electric motor options driving the rear wheels. A dual-motor, all-wheel drive version has been hinted at, but remains a rumor for now.

Electrek’s Take

The commercial electric van market is one of the hottest in the business, with new entries and startups seemingly appearing every month. Some experts are predicting a 40% year over year growth to continue through 2030 … which seems like a lot of vans. All of which is to say that, when the new Volkswagen Transporter officially arrives in September, it had better come prepared.

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