MG roadster set for UK return – Cyberster specs, colors, and more


MG roadster set for UK return – Cyberster specs, colors, and more

The highly-anticipated return of the drop-top MG to British soil is right around the corner – and we’ve got the UK launch specs for the hottest electric roadster you can buy today.

Tesla may be promising a sub 1.0-second 0-60 time and enough space-age technology to question whether or not the all-new-since-2017 Tesla Roadster 2.0 should even be called a car, but if you’re looking for a sporty, all-electric roadster that’s sure to turn heads on London’s high streets the Tesla won’t be your only option when (if?) it finally arrives next year.

Meet the MG Cyberster. First shown as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show back in 2021, the awkwardly-named Cyberster promised drop-dead good looks and the sort of electric powered acceleration that classic MGs like the MGA and MGB could only dream of.

Following rave reviews, MG green-lit the car for production just one month later. Now, as the car inches its way to production, we have specs, some production-ready photos, and even an educated guess or two at UK pricing.

MG Cyberster gets real

The production version of the SAIC-built MG Cyberster will come to the UK later this year with MINI “inspired” Union Jack taillights and turn signals, illuminated MG logos on the nose and soft-top clamshell cover, what seem like brushed aluminum roll hoops, and “Lambo-style” butterfly doors (above).

Inside, the SAIC-built MG seems appropriately high-tech, with little or no retro touches to be found. That seems brave, considering all the effort companies like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are making to make their digital displays look and feel like their old analog displays.

Sources claim a single 77 kWh battery pack good for about 320 miles on the Chinese (CTLC) cycle will power two performance trims. The first being a 335 hp single-motor version good for a 5.2 second to 60 mph sprint, and the second a 536 hp dual-motor version that can do the same trick in just 3.2 seconds (for comparison, Wikipedia says the classic MGB takes about eleven seconds to make it to 60). Top speed for both models is expected to be about 200 kmh (124 mph).

The Cyberster will launch with the now-familiar Dynamic Red paint shown here, as well as New English White, Camden Grey, and Cosmic Silver. Inca Yellow (a classic MG color) will offered as a “premium” option in limited quantities.

Pricing for the new MG is expected to just undercut the upcoming electric Boxster and Cayman models from Porsche, making a £50-60,000 price range a smart bet.

Electrek’s Take

As Chinese car companies continue to work towards their ambitions of conquering foreign markets, it makes sense to do so with familiar brands – especially on their home turf. MG, obviously, is a storied UK brand that most western audiences instantly associate with 2-seat convertibles like the Cyberster.

And if you’re not quite old enough to remember Inca Yellow, this video of a clean 1979 MGB in Inca Yellow should get you up to speed. Let us know what you think of this “premium” color, in the comments.

Inca Yellow MGB roadster

Source: AutoExpress UK.

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