Mercury unveils new, higher power electric outboard motors for e-boats


Mercury Marine just showed off two new electric outboard motors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The newly unveiled Avator 75e and 110e now become the company’s new largest electric outboards offering more power for higher performance and larger vessels.

Mercury previously unveiled its Avator 7.5e, which was followed by the Avator 20e and 35e.

Now these two new models round out the five-model lineup and open new doors for electric boaters.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Avator 75e and 110e on a world stage at CES,” explained John Buelow, Mercury Marine president. “As we deliver on our commitment to introduce five low-voltage electric outboards, we are also excited to provide a concept of a high-voltage electric propulsion system. This concept, along with our incredible internal combustion products which have redefined outboard performance, continue to position us as the innovation leader in the marine industry.” 

The Avator 75e is said to produce 7.5 kW (approximately 10 hp) of propulsive power at the prop. The larger Avator 110e produces 11 kW (approximately 15 hp) of propulsive power at the prop. At full throttle, the 75e and 110e provide roughly one hour of run-time per charge. Rolling back to 75% throttle bumps that run time up to 2-3 hours of general boating. 

Similar run-time tests on Avator’s smaller electric outboards showed that run time could vary from 1 hour to over a full 24 hour day by reducing throttle.

Mercury’s batteries are also swappable, meaning a spare battery can be dropped in when the first is depleted, serving the role of a little red fuel can for longer outings.

mercury avator electric outboard motor
Avator batteries on their charging docks

We don’t yet have pricing details for the two new motors, but the company tells us to look for additional information ahead of the full product launch in mid-2024.

Electric boats, especially on the smaller end of the spectrum, have seen rapid growth over the last few years. While Mercury’s Avator line of electric outboards now offers a slick lineup with a wide range of sizes, several other electric outboard manufacturers have spent years rolling out increasingly more versatile options that have helped create a growing range of light electric boats.

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