Mercedes-Benz launches branded Wallbox charger across US, included with certain EVs


Mercedes-Benz shared that its new Wallbox EV charger is now available to customers throughout the US. The Level 2 home charger was designed in true Mercedes-Benz style and has internet-connected capabilities like remote functions and over-the-air updates. Specific Mercedes customers can receive a complimentary Wallbox charger with an EV purchase.

As you already know, Mercedes-Benz is one of the leading luxury automakers around the globe. In recent years, it has applied its design language and technological know-how to EVs under its EQ line.

To support this transition to sustainability, Mercedes has also developed and begun implementing a global charging ecosystem, which currently consists of 100,000 EV charging piles in the US alone. Last November, the German automaker opened its first branded Charging Hub in North America near its US headquarters outside Atlanta.

The station is part of a $1 billion joint venture to establish at least 400 Hubs that will become home to 2,500 DC fast chargers by 2030. The automaker is also part of the IONNA joint venture with six other OEMs to install at least 30,000 additional fast chargers across the continent.

On the home front, Mercedes has offered a Mobile Flex Cable that allows for Level 1 or Level 2 charging, included with every EQ EV purchase of 2024 models or newer. Additionally, the automaker developed a new charger with industry veteran Wallbox.

Today, Mercedes announced the new branded Wallbox charger is now widely available in the US and could be yours for free, depending on which model you buy.

Mercedes charger Wallbox
Source: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Wallbox charger now available

Mercedes shared details of its Wallbox home pile today, which features matching design language with the automaker and its other charging infrastructure. The charger connects to the internet and enables EV owners to remotely access, monitor, and control it from anywhere using a smartphone.

In addition to controlling charge sessions, users can estimate their home charging costs based on the energy consumed at any given rate from the local grid. The automaker shared that the new Level 2 charger can also receive OTA software updates, allowing for additional features in the future.

According to Mercedes, the Wallbox unit operates on a 240V split-circuit and can deliver up to 11.5 kW, about 8x faster than a charge using a conventional 110V outlet. It features a 23-foot charging cable to support various parking configurations and is equipped with a J1772 plug, although Mercedes-Benz has already shared plans to adopt the North American Charging Standard eventually.

The branded Wallbox charger is available at Mercedes-Benz dealers and requires professional installation, preferably through the automaker’s existing partner, Qmerit. Lastly, Mercedes shared that customers who purchase a model year 2023 EQE or EQS (all variants) qualify for a complimentary Wallbox unit.

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