McLaren may unveil a new hypercar in 2024, likely to use a plug-in hybrid V8


  • McLaren’s upcoming hypercar is expected to be christened P18 and it will be a true successor of P1.
McLaren’s upcoming hypercar is expected to be christened P18 and it will be a true successor of P1.

McLaren may unveil a new hypercar in 2024, which could come as a true successor to the P1, reported Automotive News Europe. The upcoming hypercar is internally codenamed P18 and uses a plug-in hybrid V8 engine, the report further stated. McLaren took the wraps off the P1 eleven years ago. Since then, the British car marquee has introduced several special models but a true successor to the P1 is yet to come.

The report claims that the new McLaren P18 hypercar is likely to launch sometime by the year’s end. It would be dubbed as the new flagship of the company upon arrival and it will get energy from a large displacement internal combustion engine. The plug-in hybrid V8 engine will be paired with an electric motor and the combined powertrain is expected to churn out more than 1,000 bhp peak power.

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The upcoming McLaren P18 hypercar will reportedly be built on an all-new carbon fibre chassis, which will help the OEM to reduce its weight significantly without compromising on rigidity and strength. The seats will reportedly come bolted onto the chassis to cut weight and boost rigidity, while some of the suspension components are claimed to come 3D-printed, which altogether makes the upcoming car a unique one.

Speaking of its design elements, the upcoming P18 is supposedly to break the automaker’s trend of equipping its cars with dihedral doors in favour of gullwing doors. It will come with an active rear spoiler along with other aerodynamic features derived from Formula One cars. Also, it will reportedly come with recessed headlights in the line of Artura.

McLaren is reportedly fine-tuning the hypercar before it enters production at the end of 2024. The hybrid powertrain setup will be built from the ground up and it will come as much as 70 per cent lighter than the one available in the Artura.

First Published Date: 03 Mar 2024, 11:39 AM IST

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