Maruti Suzuki Swift: 19 years of swift success in India. What makes it standout


The Maruti Suzuki Swift has been in the Indian market since 2005. Over the generations, the Swift has been a top seller in the Indian passenger car ma

Maruti Suzuki sold over 1.95 lakh units of the Swift in FY 2023-24, making it the third best seller in the Indian passenger vehicle market

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has carved out a special place in the hearts of Indian car buyers since its debut in 2005, consistently ranking as one of the top sellers in the Indian passenger vehicle market. Despite the SUV boom, the Swift maintained its popularity, selling an impressive 1,95,321 units in FY 2023-24, securing its position as the third best-selling model.

In the B2 hatchback segment, the competition has gradually waned, leaving the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios and the Tata Tiago as the sole contenders. Maruti Suzuki is gearing up to unveil the fifth generation Swift in May, a testament to its enduring charm and relevance in the market even after 22 years. So, what exactly has contributed to Swift’s enduring appeal and success?

Funky looks

The Maruti Swift has always been a standout in terms of design, setting it apart from its competitors. When the first-generation model arrived in India in 2005, its stylish bodywork immediately captured the market’s attention. The blend of sportiness and cuteness gave the Swift a unique appeal, a departure from the typical Maruti cars of that era.

The first-generation Swift was a significant departure from Maruti’s traditional offerings. It featured a spacious cabin with high-quality materials, a departure from the cramped and low-quality interiors of its predecessors. The design was also ahead of its time, with a distinctive stance, cockpit-like glass house, wide hips, and a square base, representing a significant leap forward for Maruti Suzuki.

Even in its latest iteration, the Maruti Suzuki Swift continues to exude flair and style. Its contemporary design maintains the original’s flamboyance, ensuring that it stands out among hatchbacks in its segment. The Swift’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to remain special and funky, even after all these years.

Value for money proposition

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is known for offering a compelling value proposition, much like other models in the Maruti Suzuki lineup. All variants of the current Swift come equipped with standard safety features such as ABS and dual front airbags, ensuring a safe driving experience for all occupants. Additionally, the fully-loaded version of the Swift offers a host of premium features including diamond-cut alloys and a touchscreen infotainment unit, enhancing both convenience and aesthetics.

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Reports suggest that one of the key strengths of the Swift is its high resale value, second only to the Toyota Innova in India. This makes the Swift not just a great car to drive and own but also a wise investment choice, as it retains its value well over time. With its combination of safety, features, and resale value, the Maruti Suzuki Swift offers customers exceptional value for their money.

Fuel efficiency

Maruti Suzuki has long been recognised for its fuel-efficient engines, and the current generation of the Swift continues this trend. The Swift is available with a 1.2L petrol engine and a 1.2L CNG engine. The petrol variant boasts a claimed mileage of 22.38 kmpl, while the CNG variant delivers an impressive 30.9 km/kg. In comparison, the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, a competitor in the segment, offers a claimed fuel efficiency figure of 16 kmpl for the petrol engine and 27 km/kg for the CNG models.

In the past, Maruti Suzuki took significant steps to enhance the fuel efficiency of the Swift. The first-generation Swift was re-engineered to compete with the Hyundai Getz in terms of fuel economy. Maruti Suzuki utilised the G13 engine from the Esteem and made several improvements, including adjusting the gearing to reduce engine RPM at any given road speed and reducing fuel delivery at small throttle openings to conserve fuel. These enhancements resulted in a notable improvement in fuel efficiency, with the Swift achieving a figure of 14.4 kmpl in the city compared to the Hyundai Getz’s 10.4 kmpl, establishing the Swift as a fuel-efficient option in its segment.

First Published Date: 27 Apr 2024, 10:40 AM IST

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