Maruti Suzuki Fronx vs Baleno: Which of the two siblings makes more sense?


Maruti Suzuki Fronx vs Baleno: Which of the two siblings makes more sense?

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a time-tested tale of success while the initial reception for the newer Fronx has been impressive. Let us help you decide betw

While the Baleno looks smart, the Fronx may appear smarter because it is the newer of the two Maruti Suzuki models.

One is a new fan favourite while the other is a time-tested champion. The in-house rivalry between the Maruti Suzuki Fronx and Baleno may not mean much to the country’s largest carmaker as long as the success remains in the family. But which of the two – Fronx and Baleno – should you opt for?

The Fronx was launched in the Indian car market in early 2023 as a crossover SUV that is based on the Baleno hatchback. Pricing of both the Fronx and Baleno are somewhat similar even though both models compete in different segments and have different body styles. There is an uncanny similarity in the exterior design of both models while the cabin layout and feature list is also similar. Both are also offered through the Maruti Suzuki Nexa chain of retail which means once you step inside a showroom, both are likely to present their respective cases. Confusion much? No problem.

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Fronx vs Baleno: Dimensions and styling

Both Fronx and Baleno have almost the same dimensions. The Fronx measures 3,995 mm in length, is 1,765 mm wide and stands 1,550 mm tall. The Baleno is microscopically shorter in length – at 3,990 mm, is 1,745 mm wide and is 1,550 mm tall. If looking for a sub-four-meter car to be driven in congested Indian cities, both Fronx and Baleno make perfect sense.

But the real difference comes down to which body style is preferred. A hatchback is a time-tested body shape on cars and the continuing success of Baleno is testament to this. Even though SUVs are being increasingly preferred, the Baleno’s smart looks continue to make it a hot buy. Whether one sees the head light units or the sporty alloys or even the catchy tail light design, the Baleno remains quite a fresh design despite having seen years and years of Indian car market evolution.

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The Fronx, however, is the new kid on the block. A little edgy, a little more young and definitely sporty. True, it isn’t an all-out SUV in terms of its design but its crossover-ish appeal has been well-received in the Indian market. When put up against the Baleno, the Fronx has the advantage of being the newer and therefore, less common.

Fronx vs Baleno: Engine and transmission

Both Fronx and Baleno are based on the Maruti Suzuki Heartect platform which essentially means safety quotient of both vehicles is the same. Both also come with S-CNG technology. Both Fronx and Baleno also come with the same 1.2-litre petrol engine with 77 bhp and 98 Nm of torque.

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But where the Fronx has the clear advantage is that there is also a 1.0-litre turbo petrol motor on offer. This turbo petrol engine on the Fronx offers 99 bhp and 148 Nm of torque, and can be had either with the five-speed manual gearbox or the six-speed torque converter unit.

Fronx vs Baleno: Which one is easier on the pocket?

The Baleno has the clear advantage here because it is more affordable while still being bang for the buck. Pricing of Maruti Suzuki Baleno is between 6.70 lakh and 9.90 lakh (ex-showroom). In comparison, the Fronx starts at around 7.50 lakh and goes up to 13 lakh (ex-showroom). Do note though that the upper variants, in terms of pricing, is because of that turbo petrol motor which the Baleno does not have in its portfolio.

First Published Date: 09 Jul 2024, 09:15 AM IST

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