MAHLE X30 system launched as new drive for fancy hub motor e-bikes


MAHLE X30 system launched as new drive for fancy hub motor e-bikes

MAHLE, the German e-bike drive system maker that is part of the larger MAHLE Group, has announced its newest electric bicycle motor system, the MAHLE X30.

We’ve watched with anticipation over the years as MAHLE rolls out a new drive system, such as 2022’s launch of the so-called “lightest e-bike drive system in the world” ever, the X20.

The brand’s other model, the X35, is also popular on lightweight, high-end electric bikes.

Now the e-bike powertrain maker is back with a new system, the X30.

The MAHLE X30 is built around a new hub motor that offers 45 Nm of torque while tipping the scales at just 1.9 kg (4.2 lb). That’s a veritable paperweight by electric bike motor standards.

As the company explained:

“The MAHLE X30 has therefore set a new standard for hub motors and has once again revolutionized the market for lightweight e-bike systems. Its highly advanced technology makes it suitable for all riders, whether on the road, in the city or on tracks. It is even suitable for kids e-bikes.”

The rest of the new X30 system includes MAHLE’s battery, HMI (human-machine interface) and other electrical components.

The X30 motor also works with MAHLE’s existing suite of X20 components and accessories.

The system even uses the same MAHLE EX1 external battery, which is designed to fit into a water bottle-style holder, and delivers 171 Wh of capacity for a maximum range of up to 60 km (37 miles) of range.

That might not sound like a very big battery, but the small size also means less weight, with the battery adding just 1.1 kg (2.4 lb) to the bike.

MAHLE’s hub motor drive systems are popular among lightweight, high-end European electric bicycle makers who are looking for a hub motor system but don’t want to use a Chinese motor that could hurt the brand’s perceived value.

With a German headquarters and a Slovenian factory, MAHLE touts its European production and refined designs, which have resulted in the lightest-weight e-bike drive systems on the market, regardless of mid-drive or hub motor-powered.

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