Mahindra XUV 3XO sub-compact SUV launched: Variant-wise prices explained


  • Mahindra XUV 3XO has been launched in two broad variants and a plethora of trims.
Mahindra officials stand next to the newly-launched XUV 3XO sub-compact SUV.

Mahindra XUV 3XO sub-compact SUV was recently launched for the Indian car market. The XUV 3XO is being positioned as an all-new product although it is essentially based on the XUV 300 that has been around for several years. What the new model brings to the fore are several design changes, plenty of feature additions and an entirely new list of variants.

The Mahindra XUV 3XO is available in two broad variants – MX and AX. Yes, it takes a cue from some of its elder siblings in the Mahindra stable as far as the naming of the variants is concerned. As far as the pricing is concerned, Mahindra XUV 3XO starts at 7.49 lakh for the MX1 variant and goes up to 15.49 lakh for the AX7L with petrol motor and automatic transmission.

It is important to note here that while there are two petrol-motor-powered XUV 3XO options and both come with manual transmission as well as AT, the diesel version also comes with a manual gearbox as well as AutoShift+. In prices for diesel variants explained below, add 80,000 to every variant if opted with this AutoShift+.

Mahindra XUV 3X0: Pricing of diesel variants

There is no MX1 variant for the diesel XUV 3XO. The XUV 3XO M2 diesel is at 9.99 lakh, MX2 Pro at 10.39 lakh, MX3 at 10.89 lakh, MX3 Pro at 11.39 lakh, AX5 at 12.09 lakh, AX7 at 13.69 lakh and 14.99 lakh for AX7 L. As mentioned previously, add 80,000 for any of the variants if opting for the AutoShift+.

Mahindra XUV 3X0: Pricing of petrol variants

The XUV 3XO is powered by two petrol motors. The 1.2-litre TCMPFi motor is priced at 7.49 lakh for the base MX1 variant. The MX2 Pro is at 8.99 lakh ( 9.99 lakh for the AT version). The MX3, MX3 Pro and AX5 are priced at 9.49 lakh, 9.99 lakh and 10.69 lakh, respectively. Each of these can also be had with an AT at an additional 1.50 lakh.

Then there is the XUV 3XO with the 1.2-litre mStallion engine, again with both manual and AT. The range starts with AX5 L at 11.99 lakh ( 13.49 lakh for AT). The XUV 3XO AX7 is at 12.49 lakh and an additional 1.50 lakh if opting for its AT version. The top-of-the-line AX7 L with MT is at 13.99 lakh while its AT version is at 15.49 lakh.

First Published Date: 30 Apr 2024, 06:17 AM IST

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