Mahindra launches new Supro Excel at starting price of Rs 6.62 lakh | Autocar Professional


Mahindra & Mahindra today launched Supro Profit Truck Excel, a new edition to its small commercial vehicle portfolio under the Supro label, at a starting price of Rs. 6.62 lakh. 

Mahindra & Mahindra, which is the market leader in small commercial vehicles, first launched Supro in 2015 and over 200,000 units have been sold till date. “This launch marks significant stride in the sub-2-tonne segment, showcasing our commitment on empowering business and transforming last-mile connectivity in India,” M&M Automotive division Chief Executive Officer Nalinikanth Gollangunta said.

The Supro Excel is available in two powertrain options – diesel, priced at Rs 6.62 lakh and CNG Duo, at Rs 6.94 lakh. The company claims that diesel variant will have a mileage of 23.61 km per litre. The CNG Duo, which varaint runs on both CNG and petrol, and is equipped with cylinders, will have a mileage of 24.88 km per kilo and maximum range of 500 km.

The new model has been designed based on customer insights, said Mahindra Auto Vice President and Head of Sales Baneshwar Banerjee said while launching the new model, adding higher payload and mileage, and an increase in the deck size have been the customers’ major requirements.

Supro Excel’s diesel variant has a maximum payload capacity of up to 900 kg, while CNG Duo’ has a capacity of 750 kg. The model also has an increased deck size of 8.2 feet. 

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