Mack’s mobile off-grid charging system helps customers evaluate EVs – Charged EVs


Mack’s mobile off-grid charging system helps customers evaluate EVs – Charged EVs

Mack Trucks, part of the Volvo Group, has built a mobile off-grid charging system that’s integrated into the body of a Mack MD Electric truck. The system’s raison d’être is to help Mack customers test Class 6-8 electric vehicles, and evaluate their feasibility for their fleets.

The mobile Mack MD Electric charging unit can be used for a limited time by customers who want to test the technology, and by dealers to facilitate EV demos.

The off-grid charging system consists of a generator powered by renewable propane, along with a 120 kW DC fast charger. The system will be mounted on the back of an MD Electric truck.

Mack currently does not have plans to make the truck-charger configuration commercially available, but can support customers interested in purchasing the combo through their supplier relationships.

“This system will allow the customer or dealer to charge trucks—whether it’s a demo unit or a multi-unit ride-and-drive event at the dealer—without having charging infrastructure readily available at their site,” said Ryan Saba, Energy Solutions Manager for Mack Trucks. “This option will help customers more easily experience the benefits of e-mobility.”

Source: Mack Trucks

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