Lucid Ocean? With Fisker now bankrupt, another EV automaker is swooping in on the trademark


Lucid Ocean? With Fisker now bankrupt, another EV automaker is swooping in on the trademark

Could “Ocean” be a potential nameplate for an upcoming BEV model from Lucid? It’s certainly possible following a recent filing submitted by the American automaker to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Sorry, Fisker.

Air. Gravity. Ocean?

While it remains a mere legal forethought at this point, Lucid’s recent trademark filing hints, at the very least, that the company is considering “Ocean” as a potential model name. Take the news with a grain of salt, however, as Lucid has filed (and killed) several trademark filings with the USPTO over the years, including names like “Air 1,” “Palos,” and “Pure Spec.”

However, other trademark filings for potential nameplates remain active, including some we’ve previously reported, such as “Lucid Earth/ Earth Dream Edition,” “Cross Air,” “Air Cross,” and “Airspace.”

“Ocean” may ring a bell because it’s the name of Fisker Inc.’s flagship BEV model, which held a brief moment in the sun before its makers plummeted into bankruptcy, confirmed earlier this week. With Fisker Ocean production now halted indefinitely, could Lucid produce its own BEV by the same name?

We’d argue that’s unlikely, but with a trademark filing in place, it’s not entirely out of the question.

Lucid Ocean
Lucid Group’s trademark filing for “Ocean” / Source: The USPTO

Lucid submits trademark application for “Ocean” BEV

Shoutout to @The_EVGuy on X for putting Lucid Group’s latest trademark filing on our radar. Per the United States Patent and Trademark Office database, AVB Metrics, LLC (Lucid) submitted a filing on May 30, 2024, for exclusive trademark rights to “LUCID OCEAN.”

While the application awaits examination, it’s important to point out that this filing could just be Lucid covering all of its bases on the potential nomenclature of new models. There’s a very strong chance we will never see a BEV from Lucid called the Ocean.

However, the Lucid Air is already out, and the Gravity SUV will begin production later this year. Plus, the term “Ocean” fits the elemental theme, as does a previously mentioned trademark filing like “Earth.” Even still, it’s all speculative at this point.

When we toured Lucid’s design studio and got a sneak peek at its third BEV model, codenamed “Mid-size,” it looked like the American automaker was designing a compact, family-friendly crossover as well as a more rugged, off-roading counterpart of a similar size and stature.

We have yet to learn the full details of “project mid-size,” and even at that point, Lucid’s Senior Vice President of Design and Brand, Derek Jenkins, and CEO/CTO Peter Rawlinson admitted they had yet to agree upon any model name(s).

What do you think? Could Lucid build a BEV called the Ocean, or is it just securing the trademark?

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