Leviton launches a plug-in version of its EV Series Smart Home charging station – Charged EVs


Electrical equipment giant Leviton has launched a plug-in version of its EV Series Smart Home charging station. Originally launched in January 2023 in a hard-wired version, the EV Series Smart Home station is designed to be part of a smart home system that also incorporates lighting and load centers such as heating/AC, refrigerators and other appliances.

Using the My Leviton app, users can schedule charging sessions for off-peak electrical usage hours, in order to save on electricity bills by taking advantage of utility incentive programs. Users can also remotely stop and start charging from anywhere, view charging status, receive fault notifications, and more.

The My Leviton app also allows control of the Leviton Smart Load Center and the Decora Smart WiFi product lines, letting users view real-time load center energy consumption and schedule lighting scenes.

The EV Series can easily integrate with other Leviton electrical infrastructure solutions, including surge protection devices. The EV Series plug-in stations pair well with Leviton’s new Heavy-Duty EV Charging Receptacle, a rugged receptacle specially designed for EV charging, which was launched in early 2024.

Leviton’s new 50 A heavy-duty receptacle is designed to meet the rugged requirements of EV charging

As sales of EV chargers are growing, Leviton has expanded its dedicated EVSE support team, which assists customers with understanding installation requirements, local codes, and rebates and incentives.

“As the EV charging industry continues to grow and expand into new areas, so does Leviton,” said Andrew Taddoni, Director of EVSE Business Development and Product Management. “The new plug-in charger is just the latest expansion of our portfolio, providing EV owners with the same benefits of our hard-wired EV Series Smart Home stations, plus the added benefit of portability and flexibility.”

Source: Leviton

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