Legacy EV launches 100 V EV training bench for educators – Charged EVs


Legacy EV, a provider of EV conversion kits, components and training, has launched a 100 V EV Training Bench.

The bench is a fully assembled and functional EV powertrain designed to teach hands-on EV fundamentals to students and industry professionals. The bench is reusable year after year across multiple class sections, and can be used to help students understand the fundamentals of EV powertrains and safety functions of all EV components and systems. It enables students and mechanics to wire, diagnose and program an EV while practicing high-voltage safety procedures. 

The 100 V EV Training Bench includes a designated space for a laptop for real-time programming and data logging, a programmable motor controller to commission, test and tune the motor system, and a programmable battery management and charging system. It can connect to a controller area network (CAN) and interpret data. Additional wiring harnesses can be purchased to allow learners to wire the bench while retaining its wiring functionality. The 100 V EV Training Bench is available for purchase at $35,000.

“The 100 V EV Training Bench is designed to create a foundational understanding of EV technology without limiting students to any one OEM platform, which in turn helps prepare students for a dynamic career in the growing EV industry,” said Mavrick Knoles, President, Legacy EV. “Students can use this bench to gain invaluable hands-on experience in a structured setting, before moving on to become EV technicians.”

Source: Legacy EV

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