Lectric XP Lite 2.0 unveiled as new $799 best-bang-for-your-buck folding electric bike


In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, Lectric Ebikes has done it again. North America’s leading value e-bike brand has just unveiled another doozy, this time upgrading the popular XP Lite model with some serious value-added features. Meet the new Lectric XP Lite 2.0, complete with Gates carbon belt drive and hydraulic disc brakes.

And believe it or not, the company managed to keep the price at the original model’s famous $799 pricetag, despite all of the new additions and features.

It’s par for the course at Lectric, with the company routinely rolling out new or updated e-bikes at prices several hundred dollars lower than the competition.

“As the lightest e-bike in Lectric’s lineup and a low starting price of $799, the foldable XP Lite has become beloved by riders across the country, from college students to RV enthusiasts,” explained the company.

lectric xp lite 2.0

At 49 lbs (22 kg), the XP Lite 2.0 is significantly lighter than many of the 60-70 lb folding electric bikes we often cover. Yet it offers the same 20 mph (32 km/h) top speed on both throttle and pedal assist as the rest of the many Class 2 e-bikes out there.

The pint-sized rear motor carries a modest 350W continuous power rating, but gets an impressive 819 peak-watt rating. It’s also known as the Stealth M24 motor and is said to deliver a 400% quieter ride. It’s a bit hard to imagine what 400% quieter really means, but I imagine the take-home message for your rides is less gear noise and more wind noise.

The updated e-bike now comes in five colors (including a new lavender option) and now offers more options than ever before.

While the base model starts at $799 and comes with a 7.8 Ah (375 Wh) battery, there’s a long-range version available for $999 with a 14 Ah (672 Wh) battery. Those two options provide a max range on pedal-assist of up to 45 and 80 miles, respectively.

lectric xp lite 2.0

All of the XP Lite 2.0 versions include hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors, which Lectric began including across its lineup last year. But for those who want to upgrade their single-speed drive into a more maintenance-free option, there’s the XP Lite 2.0 JW Black version with a Gates Carbon Drive belt setup. It’s priced at $899 for the standard battery and $1,099 for the long-range battery. Gates belt drives are prized in the industry for being a smooth, quiet, and oil-free transmission that lasts longer than chains and is more efficient over the entire lifespan. They’re great for riders who don’t want to deal with a rusty chain (when they forget to oil it) or a greasy ankle (when they do remember to oil it).

The batteries on the Lite 2.0 are certified to the UL 2271 standard, and the entire bike is certified to the UL 2849 standard. Certifying to UL standards is becoming much more common now in the e-bike industry, with some areas such as NYC now requiring all e-bikes sold to feature UL certification.

The XP Lite 2.0 includes 20×2.5-inch slick tires with a 3mm Hippo Skin liner and pre-Slimed tubes for anti-puncture, plus new “BMX-style” handlebars that sport an updated color display and a right-side half-twist throttle. And of course, the entire bike folds up for easy storage and transportation.

The XP Lite 2.0 arrives in updated green packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable. The bike is almost entirely pre-assembled to provide a one-minute, tool-free assembly out of the box. Pre-orders are now open for deliveries to begin in July.

Electrek’s Take

I’ve long been an XP Lite fan, and the new XP Lite 2.0 is better than ever. Hydraulic disc brakes and comfortable pedal assist on a $799 e-bike? Add a Gates carbon belt drive system for just $100 more? Sign me up!

Now keep in mind that the Lite 2.0 isn’t a high power bike. It’s got some kick, but the smaller motor with lower torque is what helps keep the bike light and convenient. That’s fine by me, but if you’re a heavier rider who regularly climbs steep hills and wants some front suspension or multiple gears, there’s a chance that the XP 3.0 is more up your alley.

But for those who prefer the smaller format and lower weight design of the XP Lite 2.0, there’s a lot to love here!

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