Lectric eBikes summer sale, more ways to save on Rachio smart sprinkler controllers, Greenworks pressure washers, more


Headlining today’s Green Deals is the summer sale from Lectric eBikes that is taking up to $727 off e-bike bundles, lead by America’s third best-selling EV, the XP 3.0 e-bike starting at $999. It is joined by a wider-than-before array of Rachio’s sprinkler controllers, hose timers, and bundle options starting from $99, as well as the Greenworks 1,700 PSI Upright Hand-Carry Electric Pressure Washer for a new $105 low. Plus, all the other hangover Green Deals that are still alive and well.

Head below for other New Green Deals we’ve found today and, of course, Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also, check out the new Electrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

Save up to $727 on Lectric e-bike bundles during summer sale

Well its another great month for Lectric fans, as the company rolls out its next sale ahead of summer’s official arrival (and Father’s Day) that is giving away up to $727 in free accessories along with your purchase. We’ve recently covered the pre-order special for the all new XP Lite 2.0 Folding e-bikes, which will end as the series begins shipping out in July. Today, though, we want to highlight another gem from this brand’s ranks, the XP 3.0 e-bike that starts at $999 shipped for the standard model along with $178 in free accessories. As is the case with Lectric sales, the e-bikes are all keeping to their MSRPs, with the savings being in the bundle packages that come along for the ride. While we have seen bigger bundles offered for this model in the past, today’s deal still offers a solid and affordable commuter option with a “larger “giant” and more cushioned saddle that is more supported by the coiled spring suspension on its adjustable post, as well as an accordion-style bike lock for added security. Plus, this e-bike was named the third best-selling EV in America behind Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3. Learn more below, or by checking out our hands-on review.

Lectric’s XP 3.0 e-bike arrives sporting its 500W hub-motor (with a 1,000W peak) and 48V battery that can reach 20 MPH speeds for 20 miles using only the throttle, or it can instead hit 28 MPH for up to 45 miles when utilizing its pedal assistance modes – now supported by the company’s new Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR) Programming that you can learn more about here. Its travel range can be extended up to 65 miles on a single charge with its long-range counterpart for $1,199 (which comes with $316 in free accessories btw). You’ll also enjoy added features like the hydraulic disc brakes, an integrated rear cargo rack, puncture-resistant tires, a headlamp and taillight combination for safer riding at night, an LCD display with water and dust resistance ratings, and a foldable body for effortless storage.

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More XP 3.0 Long-Range e-bikes with $316 in free accessories

XPedition Cargo e-bikes with $138 and $404 in free accessories

XPeak Off-Road e-bikes with $727 in free accessories

Other Lectric e-bikes seeing discounts:

Other Lectric pre-order discounts:

Rachio 3 smart 4-zone sprinkler controller within post for Lectric summer sale

Rachio’s 3rd Gen Smart 4-Zone Sprinkler Controller is back at $99 low with more ways to save than before

Amazon is offering the Rachio 3rd Gen: Smart 4-Zone Sprinkler Controller for $99 shipped. Down from its $150 price tag, we saw the price bouncing between its MSRP and $100 for the first three months of the new year – beating out Black Friday’s former low by less than one dollar. It wasn’t until last month that we saw it drop to the new $99 low for the first time, with today’s deal coming in to repeat the trend as a 34% markdown off the going rate that returns costs to the all-time lowest price we have tracked. Every yard and garden has different needs, so why wouldn’t you want to tailor your sprinkler or irrigation system to your flora’s specific necessities? With this device, not only will your yard and gardens be vibrant and beautiful, but your water costs will shrink too. It features exclusive weather recognition technology that is programmed to automatically skip unnecessary watering during and after inclement weather, with functions like rain skip, wind skip, freeze skip, and more. It comes ready to use out of the box, with no extra charges or app subscription fees, and you’ll be able to manage everything from the convenience of your phone through the easy-to-use app.

There are a few variations of the above deal for those with larger yards or extra needs. You can increase your coverage with the 8-Zone Sprinkler Controller for $159, down from $230. There is also a 16-Zone Controller that is available for $199, down from $300. And if you want added protection for the controller boxes, there are two bundles available with waterproof outdoor enclosures, with the 8-zone bundle fetching $191, down from $270, and the 16-zone bundle going for $231, down from $281. While the above sprinkler controllers do offer you simple smart controls over your sprinkler and irrigation systems, if you want to take it a step further and have complete control over your water supply as it comes from your spigot, you’ll need to pair any of them alongside the Smart Hose Timer with a Wi-Fi hub for $79, down from $100. If you already have a Wi-Fi hub to use, there is a timer-only option for $66, plus you can bundle the hose timer with the 8-zone controller for $238, or the 16-zone controller for $278.

Greenworks 1,700 PSI Upright Hand-Carry Electric Pressure Washer within post for Lectric summer sale

Greenworks 1,700 PSI Upright Electric Pressure Washer hits new $105 low

Amazon is offering Lightning deals on a selection of Greenworks electric pressure washers, like the brand’s 1,700 PSI Upright Hand-Carry Electric Pressure Washer for $104.99 shipped. Recently fetching $140 after a fall from its $150 MSRP, this particular model saw few and far between discounts over 2023, with the former $119 all-time low occurring during Black Friday sales, and no price coming close to it since the new year began. Today’s deal, however, finally brings costs lower as a 25% markdown that beats out Greenworks’ own website by $25 and lands it at a new all-time low. Offering a strong, but quiet 1,700 PSI and 1.2 GPM flow rate, this electric pressure washer is ideal for residential applications. It features a built-in hose reel for convenient onboard storage of its 25-foot long high-pressure hose, allowing you to extend your cleaning reach around the home to places like your roof without concern. It also comes with accessories that can be easily exchanged thanks to its 1/4-inch quick-connect fitting: a 25-degree high-pressure nozzle, a 40-degree medium-pressure nozzle, and even a soap applicator.

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Summer e-bike deals!

Jackery 3-day flash sale within post for Lectric eBikes summer sale

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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