Latest Goal Zero Yeti power stations at new all-time lows from $225, Lectric EV bundle sale, Heybike deals, more


Today’s Green Deals are headlined by the new all-time lows on Goal Zero’s three latest Yeti portable power stations, starting from $225 for the Yeti 300. It is joined by Lectric’s latest EV sale that is taking up to $806 off e-bike bundles, like the XPeak Off-Road e-bikes with $727 in free gear going for $1,399. There’s also Heybike’s 3-year anniversary that is repeating discounts from previous sales – up to $700 off, with two ways to also win a FREE Mars 2.0 e-bike – all starting from $999. Plus, all the other hangover Green Deals that are still alive and well.

Head below for other New Green Deals we’ve found today and, of course, Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also, check out the new Electrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

Goal Zero’s three latest Yeti Portable Power Stations hit new all-time lows starting from $225

As part of its early Memorial Day sales, the official Goal Zero Amazon storefront is taking up to 40% off its lineup of power stations, bundles, and accessories. The most notable standouts are the company’s three newest Yeti power stations – all of them receiving their second official discounts since releasing to the public, as well as hitting new all-time lows. You’ll find the Yeti 300 Portable Power Station going for $224.89 shipped, the Yeti 500 power station for $374.89 shipped, and the Yeti 700 power station for $449.89 shipped. Today’s deal drops an equal 25% markdown on each of these units, with savings at $75 for the Yeti 300, $125 for the Yeti 500, and $150 for the Yeti 700.

All three of these 6th generation Yeti power stations were designed to better support folks during casual outdoor explorations, including during camping trips, tailgate parties, nights spent under the stars, road trips, and more. Sharing the same designs and features, the only real difference between them is their capacity sizes and output power levels: 297Wh (Yeti 300), 499Wh (Yeti 500), and 677Wh (Yeti 700). They share the same fast-charging capabilities when plugged into a wall outlet, with the Yeti 300 recharging in 50 minutes, the Yeti 500 in 90 minutes, and the Yeti 700 in under 2 hours. Your small appliance and device charging needs are covered by the two AC ports, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, plus the bonus car port – and all three can be hooked up to a solar panel with a max input level of 200W, with recharging ranging from 1.7 hours to 4 hours, depending on your model.

Lectric XPeak Off-Road e-bike parked in grass clearing, within post for Goal Zero Yeti power stations

Lectric Memorial Day sale takes up to $806 off e-bike bundles

Lectric eBikes has launched its Memorial Day sale through May 27 that is giving up to $806 in free add-on accessories along with your purchase from the selection of the brand’s popular e-bike models. You’ll find amongst the bunch, the return of the XPeak Off-Road High-Step e-bike for $1,399 shipped and the XPeak Off-Road Step-Thru e-bike that is also going for $1,399 shipped, which you can learn about below or by reading through our hands-on review at Electrek. Since its October launch, we’ve only seen it drop $100 lower during occasional short-term events, like its most recent February flash sale. Along with your purchase, you’ll also be getting the XPeak spare battery, a rear cargo rack, fenders for both tires, an Elite headlight, and an RST Renegade suspension fork that will arrive pre-installed on the bike for you. Normally costing you $2,126, this deal gives you $727 in savings. We’ve also provided a list below of all the other models and the respective deals.

Coming in a simplified color scheme tied to its designs, you’ll find two options in the black high-step model or the white step-thru model, with both sharing the same performance specs. Sporting a 750W rear hub-motor (1,310W Peak) working alongside its removable 48V battery, it arrives with five levels of pedal assistance up to 28 MPH top speeds for up to 55-miles (doubled with your extra battery). You’ll also find other features, including 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires, hydraulic mineral oil brakes, a 7-gear Shimano drivetrain, removable pedals, a thru axle wheel attachment system for tool-free installations, kickstand, a hidden cable routing system, plenty of mounting points for add-ons, and an IP65 water-and-dust-resistant LCD display for real-time performance data. Plus, don’t forget all the other free add-on accessories that only enhance this e-bike’s capabilities further.

XP 3.0 Long-Range e-bikes with $806 in free accessories

XPeak Off-Road e-bikes with $727 in free accessories

XPedition Cargo e-bikes with $434 and $483 in free accessories

XP 3.0 Standard e-bikes with $306 in free accessories

Other Lectric e-bikes seeing discounts:

Lectric pre-order discounts:

Heybike Ranger e-bike being ridden by woman on pavement, within post for Goal Zero Yeti power stations

Heybike Anniversary sale takes up to $700 off e-bikes and offers two ways to win one free model

Heybike is celebrating its third anniversary (or birthday, if that’s more your flavor) through May 27, paying the revelry forward with a chance for customers to not only save on the company’s e-bikes with ongoing discounts, but also give everyone a chance to win a free Mars 2.0 e-bike, as well. A returning favorite, you’ll find the Ranger Foldable Cargo e-bike for $999 shipped. Down from its $1,400 price tag, we saw it go for $49 less back at the tail-end of 2023, with 2024 seeing a more steady hold at this very rate so far. This is a solid $401 markdown that keeps costs to the second-lowest price. Down below, you’ll find a curated list of the available deals amongst the bunch, as well as further information on how to get the chance to snag a free Mars 2.0 Folding Fat-Tire e-bike.

The Ranger sports both a step-thru frame and a folding design, housing a 500W motor and a removable 48V battery that maxes out at 25 MPH with a 55-mile range on a single charge. Three riding modes and 7-speed gears offers a more customizable riding experience, plus it can handle those moments your tempted off the beaten paths thanks to its 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires. It also features dual disc brakes, a rear cargo rack, head and taillights, as well as an LCD display that gives you real-time performance statuses and allows for setting adjustments.

Other Heybike model discounts:

There are two ways you can throw your hat into the ring to win a free Mars 2.0 e-bike, the first of which being a simple purchase on one of the above e-bikes, or any of the other non-discounted models you find on this link’s landing page. The second way is to join the photo contest, which you can learn more about here.

Spring e-bike deals!

Greenworks 1900 PSI electric pressure washer being used on dirty driveway, within post for Gozl Zero Yeti power stations

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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