Land Rover Defender updated, gets new powerful engine & refreshed interiors


The latest iteration of the Land Rover Defender introduces an upgraded powertrain, supplanting the D300 model. This enhancement extracts an additional

The new Land Rover Defender get an updated diesel engine with incrased power output while the interior also gets a refresh aimed at increasing comfort

Land Rover Defender has been updated globally, boasting a suite of new features and an upgrade to the diesel mill. Among the notable enhancements is the introduction of the D350 engine variant, replacing the previous D300 model. This new powertrain puts out 345 bhp, a substantial increase of 49 bhp from its 3.0-liter turbodiesel straight-six engine. Torque also receives a boost, climbing from 649 Nm to a 700 Nm. The engine continued to get paired with ZF’s eight-speed gearbox.

For the updated Land Rover Defender, interior comfort takes center stage with the option of central captain’s chairs in the elongated 130 version. This configuration reduces seating from eight to seven, with the individual middle chairs boasting heating and ventilation features for added comfort.

Further interior upgrades come in the form of the Signature Interior Pack, a standard inclusion in the X and V8 Defender trim levels and available as an option for the Dynamic HSE. This pack introduces heated and cooled seats crafted from a combination of leather and Kvadrat fabric, offering supreme comfort in all seating rows. Additionally, the third row of the 110 and 130 variants receives heated seats, while a powder-coated metallic grey finish adorns the exposed metal beam across the dash.

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In a nod to exclusivity, Land Rover introduces the limited edition 110 Sedona Edition, available for a single year. Adorned in Sedona Red, this special edition pays homage to the eponymous desert town in Arizona, with an optional bonnet decal depicting its unique topography.

Land Rover stated that safety remains a top priority, with updated Defender models now equipped with enhanced security features including the ‘Secure Tracker Pro’ system and a ‘Walk-Away’ locking feature. These additions offer peace of mind to owners, ensuring the protection of their prized investment.

Land Rover had earlier revealed plans to debut the Defender Octa on July 3rd, marking the arrival of the most formidable iteration of the Defender yet. Notably, the Defender Octa will sport the new ‘JLR’ badge, symbolising a pivotal shift following Jaguar Land Rover’s restructuring in 2023, which saw the Defender, Range Rover, and Discovery models emerge as standalone brands.

First Published Date: 08 May 2024, 19:18 PM IST

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