Lamborghini reveals its new logo. Can you spot the difference?


While the difference is not huge, the new Lamborghini logo is flatter and two-dimensional, making it easy to replicate across the its digital channels

The new Lamborghini logo is flatter and gets a new typeface, which will be easier to replicate across the brand’s digital channels

Italian performance carmaker Lamborghini is the latest auto player to change its logo as part of a refreshed corporate identity. The automaker has made a subtle revision to the iconic bull that looks familiar yet different. The difference isn’t huge compared to the older logo but the new Lamborghini badge is flatter and two-dimensional, making it easy to replicate across the brand’s digital channels as well as its cars.

So what exactly is new about the Lamborghini logo? At the outset, the “Lamborghini” typeface is now slightly wider with the logo now getting white and black as its primary colours, which are said to be minimal yet bold. Meanwhile, yellow and gold will be used as accent colours. Another big update will be the absence of the shield on the logo, albeit only on the company’s digital touchpoints like the website and social media.

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Lamborghini Logo New
The Lamborghini logo will lose the shield on the brand’s digital touchpoints but will continue to remain on its cars

The redesign also includes a new set of icons, developed in collaboration with Lamborghini Centro Stile, which will be used for the first time and shared uniformly across all digital touchpoints. The new logo will make it a host of models shortly, before replacing the current badge across the range. We expect the Huracan replacement and the electrified SUV to be the first models to sport the flatter logo before we see it on the Revuelto and the current Urus. The company also has a fourth model destined to arrive in 2028, which will be the automaker’s first-ever EV previewed in the form of the Landador concept.

Lamborghini is having a dream run with sales, having hit a milestone of over 10,000 deliveries in 2023. The automaker has already sold the Huracan and Urus until the end of production, while the Revuelto remains in high demand as well with deliveries extending up to 2026. Lamborghini says the new trajectory is focused on sustainability and decarbonisation to create “a solid pact with the future generations, serving as an inspiration and model for innovation and sustainable progress.”

First Published Date: 28 Mar 2024, 22:21 PM IST

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