Lamborghini CEO eyes opportunity with ICE tech beyond 2030, higher India sales


Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann believes the OEM will record even higher sales numbers in India in 2024, compared to 103 cars sold in the country l

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann believes the OEM will record even higher sales numbers in India in 2024, compared to 103 cars sold in the country last year.

Lamborghini sees a future for internal combustion engine-propelled super sports cars beyond 2030 despite the increasing focus on electrification, revealed the Italian brand’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann. In an interaction with Mint, he reportedly said that even as the carmaker embarks on electrifying its entire product portfolio by 2024, the auto company sees a future for super sports cars with ICE technology beyond the end of this decade. The Lamborghini CEO reportedly said that the automaker’s strategy will be to leverage hybrids and combustion engines for supercars for as long as possible.

The Italian supercar brand concluded 2023 registering its highest sales numbers with 10,112 cars globally. When it comes to India, Lamborghini sold 103 cars last year, marking a new record. Winkelmann has attributed this sales achievement in India to stable taxation and a young demographic profile. Besides this, a larger number of non-resident Indians (NRI) buying Lamborghinis abroad has also spurred sales in the country, said the company’s CEO.

Speaking about the sales projection for the company in 2024, Winkelmann said that sales in India could exceed the 2023 record of selling 103 cars. The OEM claims to have a strong order book of cars. However, the top official also stated that there would be a temporary delay in delivering the cars due to the global shipping crisis. “So, there will be or there were some delays now at the beginning of the year, but this shipping delays, but this will be adjusted in a way that there should be no further delay for the whole year taken together”, he reportedly said.

While many people are still sceptical about the performance capability of electric or electrified sportscars, Winkelmann stated that Lamborghini’s strategy to push for hybrids will safeguard aspects of power, which is crucial for the luxury sports car manufacturer. This will also help the OEM with lower emissions, which are mandated by government regulations. “The first phase of hybridisation is safeguarding both, you have more power, you have less emissions and you still have sound of combustion engine,” he reportedly said, further adding, “We have two strategies going in parallel: one, for the daily driveable cars, we will shift to electrification sooner than for the super sports cars. For super sports cars, we will keep the doors open as long as possible to continue to have internal combustion engines together with the battery. We think that this is a very good opportunity also after 2030.”

First Published Date: 27 Mar 2024, 08:22 AM IST

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