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Pune-based KPIT has partnered with Microsoft to introduce an Azure OpenAI Service-powered Copilot to transform automotive repair and maintenance.

The Copilot is built on KPIT’s proven root cause diagnostics platform Trace2Fix, which addresses customer retention and dealership profitability challenges. These challenges stem from difficulties in identifying the underlying root causes due to complex vehicle systems and a global shortage of certified and skilled service technicians.

According to KPIT, this collaborative solution maximises the returns for stakeholders across the automotive aftersales value chain:

Boosts OEM service: Reduces No-trouble-found (NTF) based warranty claims and increases customer loyalty with accurate first-time repairs and zero repeat visits (for the same problem).

Empowers dealerships: Improves service throughput, reduces repair times (‘mean-time-to-repair’ and increases fixed-first-visit (FFV) rates.

Enables first-time-right for technicians: Intelligent and intuitive guidance helps them diagnose root cause issues faster and perform first-time-right repairs, significantly enhancing their productivity and transforming their workday.

“The integration of Trace2Fix with Microsoft Azure AI solutions, including Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Speech, offers tremendous benefits for automotive OEM repair and maintenance companies. By being able to enhance operational efficiency and boost first-time-fix rate, workers can ultimately improve both profitability and customer satisfaction,” said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice-President for Manufacturing and Mobility, Microsoft. “The capability to quickly and precisely diagnose issues, initiate part orders, and arrange repair schedules means better efficiency and job satisfaction for the technicians.”

Pushpahas Joshi, Executive Vice-President and Board Member at KPIT Technologies, said, “KPIT has been enabling vehicle OEMs to transform their aftersales process. We have brought innovative tools that have helped OEMs achieve standardization of vehicle diagnostics data exchange formats and improve their First Time Repair ratios by at least 30 percent. Our team has also used advanced analytical techniques to identify the ‘Most Probable Causes’ and improve technician Productivity. This exciting partnership with Microsoft will allow us to offer added value to our OEM clients by significantly enhancing the After-sales Service experience of Vehicle owners, especially those buying EVs. It will also help increase technician productivity by 35%+ through the use of Generative AI to offer more intelligent guided diagnostics and elevated UX.”

KPIT had showcased the Copilot in action at its stall at the recently held CES 2024 electronics expo in Las Vegas. 

Image: KPIT 

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