Komatsu debuts battery-electric small-class bolter and jumbo drill – Charged EVs


Komatsu, a Japanese manufacturer of construction, forestry, mining, military and industrial equipment, has announced that the second generation of its small-class drill and bolting equipment will include battery-electric models.

The ZB21 small-class bolter and the ZJ21 jumbo drill will each feature an 83 kWh battery pack, which the company said would meet the challenges of hard-rock mining. Both will be fully compatible with existing Komatsu mine infrastructure.

The two are “the smallest size-class drills and bolters to offer a BEV option,” the company said.

In March, Komatsu opened a new office in Longview, Texas. The 56,000-square-foot facility that consolidated multiple locations and functions into one building on the company’s manufacturing campus.

Source: Komatsu

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