Kia’s new EV3 secures over 10,000 reservations: Is this the affordable EV game changer?


Kia’s new EV3 secures over 10,000 reservations: Is this the affordable EV game changer?

Kia’s new low-cost electric SUV has already secured over 10,000 reservations in its home market. Kia sees the EV3 as a potential “game changer” with climbing demand for affordable electric options.

Kia EV3 gets 10,000 reservations in under a month

Despite its compact size, Kia’s new EV3 is expected to have a significant impact on the brand. The EV3 is part of Kia’s new series of mass-market EVs.

The EV3 is a compact electric SUV revealed during Kia’s first annual EV day in October. Featuring Kia’s new “Opposites United” branding, it combines the tech and design of its larger EV9 with a smaller, more affordable package.

After opening orders in South Korea on June 4, 2024, the EV3 has already secured over 10,000 reservations.

Kia’s EV3 starts at just $30,700 (KRW 42.08) before tax benefits. With incentives, Kia’s EV3 starts at around $29,200 (KRW 39.95 million).

Jeong Won-Jeong, vice president at Kia Corp, revealed that EV3 reservations topped 10,000 in just 23 days. Kia’s VP said the new compact EV will be a “game changer” in its home market.

Kia EV3 (Source: Kia)

Based on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform, the EV3 gets up to 311 mi (501 km) range in Korea. Meanwhile, the standard range gets up to 217 mi (350 km).

The EV3 joins the EV6 and EV9 in Kia’s lineup, which will be strengthened by the launch of the EV4 and EV5 next year. Kia said it aims to sell 18,000 EV3 models in Korea by the end of the year.

Kia EV3 trim Range Starting Price Starting Price After Incentives
Standard 217 mi (350 km) $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million) $29,200 (KRW 39.95 million)
Earth Standard: 217 mi (350 km)
Long Range: 311 mi (501 km)
$33,400 (KRW 45.71 million) N/A
GT Line Standard: 217 mi (350 km)
Long Range: 311 mi (501 km)
$34,100 (KRW 46.66 million) N/A
Long Range 311 mi (501 km) $34,100 (KRW 46.66 million) $32,200 (KRW 44.15)
Kia EV3 price and range by trim in Korea

The EV4 is Kia’s take on an entry-level electric sedan. Ahead of its official debut, the EV4 has been spotted testing in public (check out the rear end in this video).

Kia EV lineup from left to right: EV6, EV4, EV5, EV3, EV9 (Source: Kia)

Kia’s electric car is expected to hit the market at around $35,000 next year. It will likely launch the EV4 domestically ahead of the US and Europe.

Electrek’s Take

While most automakers plan to launch more affordable EVs, Kia is ahead of the game. Although 10,000 may not seem huge compared to the 68,000 reservations Rivian’s R2 secured in under 24 hours, this is only in Korea. As the EV3 hits new markets, Kia expects to see strong demand.

The EV3 will compete with Volvo’s EX30, starting at $35,000, and several other similarly priced models from China and Europe.

What do you guys think? Would you buy Kia’s EV3 for $30,000? Let us know in the comments below.

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