Kia opens EV3 orders in Korea with a starting price of $30,700


The newest affordable electric car has officially hit the market. Kia began accepting orders for its new EV3 in Korea this week with a starting price of $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million). The EV3 is Kia’s third EV and the first of its next-gen affordable lineup.

Meet the newest low-cost EV

After introducing the EV3 in October during its first annual EV Day, Kia finally revealed official prices this week.

Kia teased the new low-cost electric car several times ahead of its debut last month. The EV3 takes the updated design and tech from Kia’s flagship EV9, compressing it into a smaller, more affordable package.

However, Kia promises that the EV3 “carves out its own identity” unlike anything in its segment.

One of the most noticeable differences is the “Tiger Face” grille up front, replacing Kia’s old “Tiger Nose” design.

Kia has revamped the brand in the electric era with a stylish new design and logo. The EV3 is viewed as a major catalyst for Kia’s transformation.

The interior is loaded with tech, featuring Kia’s next-gen Connected Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) infotainment system. The new system includes dual 12.3″ screens with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Kia EV3 GT-Line (Source: Kia)

After opening orders in Korea, Kia’s domestic business headquarters VP, Jeong Won-Jeong, said, “We expect customers who have been hesitant to purchase an electric vehicle to choose the EV3 without hesitation.”

Kia opens EV3 orders with a starting price of $30,700

Kia opened orders for the new EV3 this week in Korea with a starting price of just $30,700 (KRW 42.08) before tax benefits.

Contracts at Kia branches and dealerships began nationwide on Tuesday with high hopes for the brand’s third EV. Following the EV6 and EV9, Kia’s EV3 will “further enhance Kia’s position as a leading electric vehicle brand” by giving more buyers access to electric options.

Kia EV3 GT-Line (Source: Kia)

The standard EV3 model’s starting price is $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million). Meanwhile, other EV3 trim prices start at $33,400 (KRW 45.71 million) for the Earth and $34,100 (KRW 46.66 million) for the GT Line and Long Range models. Those prices are before tax incentives.

After the environmental-friendly vehicle notification is complete, Kia expects the EV3 price to start at $29,200 (KRW 39.95 million) for the standard model.

Kia EV3 trim Range Starting Price Starting Price After Incentives
Standard 217 mi (350 km) $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million) $29,200 (KRW 39.95 million)
Earth Standard: 217 mi (350 km)
Long Range: 311 mi (501 km)
$33,400 (KRW 45.71 million) N/A
GT Line Standard: 217 mi (350 km)
Long Range: 311 mi (501 km)
$34,100 (KRW 46.66 million) N/A
Long Range 311 mi (501 km) $34,100 (KRW 46.66 million) $32,200 (KRW 44.15)
Kia EV3 price and range by trim in Korea

The long-range model is expected to start at just $32,200 (KRW 44.15 million) after incentives. Following the government’s certification, Kia plans to begin full-scale sales in July.

Based on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform and 4th-gen batteries, the EV3 (Long-Range model) has up to 311 miles (501 km) driving range. The standard EV3 can drive up to 217 miles (350 km).

Kia EV3 GT-Line interior (source: Kia)

The Long Range model has an 81.4 kWh battery capacity, while the Standard model has a 58.3 kWh battery.

With a 350 kW charger, the EV3 can charge from 10% to 80% (standard battery) in 29 minutes. The long-range battery takes 31 minutes. The combined fuel efficiency is 5.4 km/kWh for the long-range and 5.2 km/kWh for the standard model.

Kia also launched its “e-Life Package” on Tuesday. The program combines charging, vehicle care, and used-price vehicle guarantees to improve the EV ownership experience.

Kia EV3 GT-Line (Source: Kia)

An invitation event, “EV3 Exclusive Preview,” will be held from June 15th to the 16th for customers to experience Kia’s new electric car.

After the EV3 rolls out, Kia is expected to launch the EV4. It will be Kia’s take on an entry-level electric sedan. The Kia EV4 is expected to launch next year with starting prices around $35,000.

What do you think of Kia’s new EV3? Would you buy it for $30,000? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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