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Kia has launched a service in the North American market that allows users to customise the design of their in-vehicle clusters and infotainment displays.

On April 19, the Korean carmaker announced that it has launched 30 ‘Display Themes’ designs for each NBA club ahead of the start of the NBA playoffs in North America.

Display Themes is a customised service that supports a personalised vehicle experience, allowing users to customize the colours and graphics of the cluster and infotainment displays, as well as animations that appear when the engine is turned on and off.

According to the carmaker, customers can access the Kia Connect Store and wireless (OTA: Over-the-air) software updates, users can purchase their favourite NBA club display themes and apply them to their in-car displays.
Kia, which introduced the display theme to the all-electric EV9 for the first time in North America on April 9, plans to expand it in Korea in the second half of this year, focusing on vehicles equipped with the next-generation infotainment system ‘ccNC’ and over-the-air software update functions.

Kia has developed a display theme to accelerate the transition to SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) and to provide a personalised vehicle experience tailored to customers’ tastes by expanding the product selection.
Pablo Martinez, senior vice-president of Kia’s CXD Business Unit, said: “With the launch of Display Themes, customers will be able to personalise their vehicles even after they purchase them, and we will continue to introduce more themes, innovative brand collaborations, and leading digital features.”

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