Kia introduces navigation powered by MapMyIndia in its cars


Besides the in-built GPS-based navigation system offered across its models, the MapMyIndia navigation will help Kia vehicle owners with more customise

Kia India has introduced MapMyIndia navigation system in its models. Kia currently offers in-built GPS based navigation system which it also shares with its Korean sibling Hyundai Motor.

Kia India has tied up with MapMyIndia to offer new navigation system options for its customers. The Korean auto giant has announced that it will collaborate with the India-based navigation solution provider to offer high-tech and smarter navigation system. The maps offered by MapMyIndia will work along with the native navigation system that all Kia cars come with. Kia currently offers an in-built navigation system which has been co-developed with its Korean sibling Hyundai Motor.

MapMyIndia will come connected to My Kia and Kia Connect platforms. The new navigation system will equip Kia cars with navigation solutions, speed limit alerts, real-time incident updates like road blocks, traffic jams or waterlogging besides voice-guided navigation for drivers. MapMyIndia will also offer other vehicle-related information like dealership and service centres, petrol pumps, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and more. Kia said that MapMyIndia will offer search in more than 450 categories to its customers.

MapMyIndia is a New Delhi-based tech company which is popular for its digital maps for India and its telematics. The online digital maps offered by MapMyIndia are are integrated with satellite imagery offered by India’s space organisation ISRO. MapMyIndia offers services like street view, public transit information and turn-by-turn navigation with vocal instructions in vehicles. The navigation system, available in both desktop and mobile app versions, also offers offline navigation for its users. Myung-sik Sohn, Chief Sales Officer at Kia India, said, “Our collaboration with MapMyIndia strengthens our positioning as a tech-forward brand dedicated to providing disruptive experiences to our new-age customers.”

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Kia currently offers navigation system which has been developed in-house and is also used in Hyundai Motor cars. It is a GPS-based navigation system which helps users with satellite navigation. It can also read road signs, speed limits and other traffic symbols to help users. It also alerts when the driver is driving on the wrong side of the road. Kia cars also support Google Maps through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

First Published Date: 02 May 2024, 13:29 PM IST

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