Kia EV3 and EV4 prep for production following first EV plant upgrade


The new affordable Kia EV3 and EV4 models are ready for production following the brand’s first EV plant upgrade. Once up and running, the site will exclusively build EVs, including Kia’s new entry-level models.

Kia EV3 and EV4 ready for production

Following an eight-month transformation, Kia’s manufacturing plant in Gwangmyeong will resume operation next month.

Kia’s plant, which used to make the Pride and Stonic vehicles, is now designed to produce its next-gen EVs. Once complete, the facility will be equipped to build 150,000 EVs annually, including the new EV3 and EV4 models.

According to The Korea Herald, a Hyundai Motor official confirmed the news but didn’t give any details.

The source did say, “The smaller EV3 and EV4 will diversify Kia’s current EV lineups.” Kia’s smaller EVs will join the EV5, EV6, and flagship EV9 in the automaker’s expanding lineup.

Hyundai’s official added the smaller EVs are “expected to be less expensive than the EV6, offering a wide range of options for customers.”

South Korean reports suggest that Kia’s EV3 and EV4 will be priced at around 40 million won ($29,900) and 30 million won ($22,500).

Kia EV lineup from left to right: EV6, EV4, EV5, EV3, EV9 (Source: Kia)

Following the upgrade, the plant will be Hyundai Motor’s first production site dedicated to EVs. Kia CEO Song Ho-sung said the plant will use the latest manufacturing tech developed by Hyundai Motor’s new innovation center in Singapore.

This will include AI, robots (even robotic dogs), data-based operating systems, and more. Kia’s CEO claimed the plant will drastically improve quality, with 95% of products passing quality tests during manufacturing.

Kia EV Day (Source: Kia)

What we know so far about Kia’s new EVs

Kia revealed three new models during its first EV day in October. It confirmed the EV5 will start at around $35,000 to rival the Volvo EX30 with up to 447 miles (720 km) CLTC range. The standard model is expected to feature up to 330 miles (530 km) range.

Two new electric concepts were unveiled at the event, the EV3 and EV4. The EV3 is an electric crossover that takes the design, practicality, and tech from the EV9 and puts them into a smaller package.

You can see the EV9’s influence with Kia’s new “Opposites United” design. The new EV includes Kia’s reimagined Tiger Face as part of the brand’s revamp.

The interior is flexible, offering several different “modes” to adjust the layout. Different modes include focus, social, refreshing, and storage.

Kia EV4 (Source: Kia)

Meanwhile, Kia calls the EV4 an “entirely new type of EV sedan.” It includes an eco-friendly interior and two digital screens for a minimalist feel.

We’ll learn more about the models as they get closer to production later this year. Check back for more info.

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