Kalki flying car Bujji steals spotlight in Hyderabad: What is it all about?


Kalki flying car Bujji steals spotlight in Hyderabad: What is it all about?

Bujji is a big electric-powered science-fiction concept car that was used as a robotic vehicle in the movie titled Kalki 2898 AD featuring actors like

Bujji is a science-fiction robotic car that features as actor Prabhas’ ride in the movie Kalki 2898 AD which got released across theatres in India on Thursday, June 27..

Bujji, one of the star attractions of Kalki 2898 AD, has taken Hyderabad by storm on the inaugural day of the movie starring actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan and Prabhas. The giant concept electric vehicle, now parked outside a multiplex in Hyderabad is attracting thousands of enthusiasts to take a first look at it in real world. The vehicle was earlier unveiled and showcased to fans of the movie aross India. It features as Bhairava’s ride, a character played by actor Prabhas in the movie.

Bujji is a science-fiction flying car that has garnered immense interest among Kalki fans since it was first revealed. It is a real-life concept vehicle which was born in the stables of Jayem Automotives, a Coimbatore-based firm which is known for making automotive parts. Its sheer size enthralled movie-goers at the Hyderabad multiplex where it has been parked for all to see. The Bujji stands more than six metres in length, almost the size of a minibus in India. It is also more than three metres in width, over two metres in height and weighs nearly six tonnes, five times more than an average car in India.

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Bujji car design

The design of the Bujji appears unique with three giant wheels that look like to have taken inspiration from the Batmobile of Batman movies. There is a transparent canopy on the cockpit, which looks like has drawn design motivation from fighter aircraft.

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Bujji car: Electric power

Bujji is not just a mere prop for the movie. It can actually be driven thanks to Mahindra, one of the top carmakers in India. Mahindra helped the Kalki team to bring it alive with two electric motors. Despite its huge size and weight, Bujji is capable of mopping up 125 bhp of top power, a staggering 9,800 Nm of maximum torque and hit a top speed of 45 kmph in real life. The vehicle is powered by a 47 kWh battery pack.

First Published Date: 27 Jun 2024, 14:57 PM IST

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