JR Energy Solution opens foundry in Korea to make electrodes using Enevate’s silicon battery tech – Charged EVs


JR Energy Solution (JR ES) has opened an electrode foundry in South Korea to make electrodes using Enevate‘s silicon-dominant battery technology.

JR ES manufactures lithium-ion battery electrodes and offers battery cell makers and other partners custom electrodes and cell solutions. Enevate claims its silicon-dominant battery enables charging speeds up to 10 times faster than those of traditional graphite-based lithium-ion batteries. According to the companies, the new technology easily integrates with JR ES’s industrial infrastructure, avoiding the need for expensive new production equipment and processes. 

JR ES’s 20-acre electrode manufacturing plant in the Yongsan Industrial Complex produces 500 MWh of anodes and cathodes annually. The company plans to build an additional 2 GWh electrode plant in 2025.

“Our business model, resembling a semiconductor foundry, allows partners to access customized, advanced technology electrode solutions,” said JR Energy Solution CEO Duke Oh. “It allows us to produce a variety of advanced electrodes including anodes with Enevate’s fast-charge technology.”

Source: Enevate

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