Jackery shows off rooftop tent concept with collapsable 1,000W solar panels at CES 2024


Jackery is making its first reveal of the year this weekend ahead of CES 2024, showing off a new rooftop tent kept that yields 1,000W of solar power. It may only be a concept, but we could see units officially launch as early as the end of the year.

Jackery is debuting one of the more creative things I’ve seen from the portable power station in ages – a rooftop tent that transforms into a solar generator. The perfect tool for converting your car or truck into more than just a vehicle, the rooftop solar tent takes camping trips and any off-grid excursion up a notch or two.

The tent featrues a pair of retractable solar panels whihc can produce 1,000W of combined power from the sun. Jackery does note that this is in ideal conditions like when the unit is facing south – and most importantly when your car is parked (please do not try and drive with something like this extended on your ride’s roof, please). That equates to as much as 4.96kWh of energy per day.

Image provided by Jackery

This is very much still a concept, with some big questions about the new Jackery rooftop solar tent remaining unanswered. How will it hold up against wind when fully popped out? Who is the company partnering with to produce the tent aspect of the release, if any other brands at all?

As far as the showcase goes at CES 2024, the tent and its onboard solar panels will connect into one of the company’s E1000 Plus power stations. That gives it 2,000W of AC energy to disperse through your campsite or remote work setup, and even offers more flexible power options thanks to optional expansion batteries. Jackery rounds out the concept with some other frills like a memory foam mattress, dimmable color lights, and a waterproof insulation with blackout windows.

The sad news about the new Jackery rooftop solar tent is that it won’t be officially launching until far later in the year – maybe not even until 2025. The company is noting that the new release will go into production sometime in Q4 of this year, which gives a lot of wiggle room as to when it’ll actually show up on store shelves. But CES is all about showcasing some lofty new releases, with more of a focus on getting enthusiasts excited versus having products ready to ship. So it’s just par for the course!

Jackery rooftop solar tent
Image provided by Jackery

Even so, I am incredibly excited to be seeing Jackery do something far outside the box. We’ve seen so many new releases in the portable power and solar space lately that give veterans like Jackery some major competition. So getting even a sneak peak at something as creative and hopefully useful as the new Jackery rooftop solar tent is just what I needed to re-convince me that the company still has it. I’ll be patiently waiting for more information going forward, and will be sure to provide updates as Jackery is ready to share them.

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