It’s electric! Metallica summer tour hits the road with Iveco electric power


It’s electric! Metallica summer tour hits the road with Iveco electric power

Iconic rock band Metallica is going to “ride the lightning” (sorry) in more ways that one this summer as they use battery electric and hydrogen-powered trucks from Iveco throughout their European tour.

Built by Italian manufacturer and Nikola partner Iveco, the electric drive trucks (some BEVs, some FCEVs) will ferry the band’s gear and road crews between 14 concert venues across Europe throughout the summer.

A little bit of everything

Some of the electric and alt-fuel Iveco products Metallica will use on its M72 European tour; by IVECO.

In addition to providing electrified transport between tour venues with its S-eWay electric semi trucks, Iveco will also provide electric and CNG-fueled versions of its Daily model shuttle buses (above, at right) for on-site transportation at different concerts, which will further reduce Metallica’s carbon footprint wherever the band may roam (sorry, again).

“The launch of Iveco’s 2024 full range is a unique milestone in our history that opens an exciting chapter powered by our new energy,” offered Luca Sra, President of Iveco Group’s Truck Business Unit, at the company’s 2024 product launch late last year. “There could be no better time to announce a truly electrifying partnership. We are very happy to go ‘down the highway’ with this amazing band and crew onboard our alternative propulsion vehicles, driven by our shared vocation for supporting sustainable communities and pushing the boundaries for a better world.”

Iveco says the use of these “green” trucks and vans help Metallica meet its goal of reducing its carbon footprint one concert at a time, and providing for a more sustainable show experience overall. Which is in keeping with Metallica’s “All Within My Hands” foundation, which supports local food banks while the band is on tour and provides funding for the Metallica Scholars workforce education initiative that supports students at community colleges.

Electrek’s Take

While we’re focused on the heavy-duty, battery-electric Iveco S-eWay that offers 500 km (just over 300 miles) of range on a single charge, it’s important to note that Metallica is also using hydrogen fuel cell and LPG versions of the company’s trucks and shuttles throughout the tour. That might be a controversial move in some circles, but Europe (and Iveco) seem optimistic that the challenges facing hydrogen’s viability as a transport fuel – and those include both environmental costs and cost costs – will be overcome.

Whether that will happen before battery technology makes its next big leap forward and leaves H well and truly behind remains to be seen, of course (my money’s on batteries).

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