IoTecha’s EV charging tech enables Hager Energy to power VW’s bidirectional ID. models – Charged EVs


IoTecha, provider of a smart charging platform for EVs, and Hager Energy are collaborating on charging products to power Volkswagen EVs.

Volkswagen’s recent announcement of bidirectional charging support for its new ID. models (and existing models through an ID. software update) and availability of a vehicle-to-home (V2H) solution with Hager Energy’s DC home power station marks a major milestone in their collaboration. 

ISO/IEC 15118-based communication enables V2G/V2H in IoTecha’s Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) controllers using the latest communication protocols and cybersecurity features. The IoT.ON cloud feature allows remote troubleshooting of interoperability issues. IoTecha’s modules provide real-time Pilot Line communication insights, enabling powerline communication decoding and system control.

“Volkswagen, IoTecha and Hager Energy have certified a bidirectional charging system enabled by ISO/IEC 15118,” stated Andreas Piepenbrink, CEO of Hager Energy. “It is the first system of E3/DC by Hager Energy working with Volkswagen ID Series with 77 kWh and enabled by IoTecha smart charging technology.”

Source: IoTecha

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