IoTecha wins $27-million grant for grid-friendly EV charging in California – Charged EVs


IoTecha wins -million grant for grid-friendly EV charging in California – Charged EVs

V2G specialist IoTecha has been awarded a grant of up to $27 million by the California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program.

During Phase I of this initiative, IoTecha will deploy a network of 120 new EV smart charging stations at single- or multi-family homes. For Phase II, IoTecha intends to extend this network to 12,000 homes. In each phase, IoTecha will prioritize disadvantaged communities within utility territories where dynamic rates are available.

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This initiative will be enabled by IoTecha’s IoT.ON platform, a vertically integrated, modular and customizable smart charging platform that is currently powering thousands of EV chargers and generating billions of telemetry messages in Europe and North America. Cloud services provided by this platform support the latest versions of ISO/IEC 15118 and OCPP, which enable new features such as Plug & Charge and bidirectional V2G charging.

IoTecha says its platform can be implemented in various ways and with differentiated feature sets, allowing partners to deploy products tailored to meet diverse market needs. It is interoperable with virtually all EVs, including light-duty vehicles, trucks and school buses.

“The EV paradigm will shift thanks to VG1 and VG2, which ultimately enable EVs to serve as a source of power and grid stability,” said Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “A smart EV ecosystem based on open standards and strong cybersecurity protocols can help to generate value for California’s power grid for all communities.”

Source: IoTecha

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