InductEV brings high-power wireless charging tech to commercial EVs – Charged EVs


When Average Joe and Jane think about wireless charging, they may not see any great benefit. Dig up my driveway to install a gadget that saves me the five seconds it takes to plug in my existing wired EV charger? Meh.

However, the true benefits of wireless EV charging are seen in the commercial EV market, and they’re about much more than convenience. Execs from a company called InductEV(formerly known as Momentum Dynamics) explained to Charged in a 2022 interview that inductive charging can enable bus fleets to deliver the same service with smaller EV batteries, reduce vehicle costs, and significantly extend battery life. The company installed its first system in 2017 in Washington state.

InductEV has some 14 installations up and running around the country, all charging electric buses.

InductEV President and Chief Commercial Officer David Dealy spoke to Charged’s Chloe Theobald at the recent ACT Expo.

Mr. Dealy explains that InductEV has integrated its technology with several of the best-known truck and bus OEMs. His company is now targeting commercial fleets in various segments, from drayage to medium-haul to last-mile delivery. Here the benefits of inductive charging are different from those that appeal to transit bus operators, but they’re no less compelling. Check out the video to learn more.

Source: InductEV

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