In a rush to launch a sub-$22K EV, Renault cranks up work on new Twingo


In a rush to launch a sub-K EV, Renault cranks up work on new Twingo

Renault is ramping up development of its upcoming all-electric Twingo, hoping to shave off as much time as possible to launch the car in three years and get an EV for under $22K out to consumers.

Renault’s EV division Ampere has already finalized the design, according to Reuters, with series production slated in Slovenia in 2026. As we’ve reported, Renault is targeted that sweet spot of a sub-€20,000 price point, around $22,000.

The new model’s design was completed last week, with Renault shopping suppliers, building prototypes, and gearing up for production, according to internal sources who spoke to Reuters. Series production will start at the Slovenia plant in Novo Mesto in 2026.

Part of its strategy to shave off time to launch the Twingo, Renault plans to use 20% fewer parts with more standard components, with products that can be sourced from Renault’s suppliers.

Renault’s CEO Luca de Meo has said that producing small cars profitably is a tall order, which is why so few automakers are doing it. But the French automaker aims to cut costs on the new Twingo by 40% compared to other EVs by trimming back parts, reducing manufacturing times, using cheaper batteries, and ramping up speed to market. The company said it could then apply these same measures to its other EVs, including the newly launched Renault 5 and the upcoming Renault 4 small SUV.

“All the things that we will do in the Twingo will revert to the 5 and the 4, so their price will go down,” de Meo said.

While we don’t yet know the platform the Twingo will based on, the electric version takes a ton of inspiration from its first-gen hatchback, including the teal color – however, the new Twingo will be a five-door model. Renault hasn’t revealed any specs but promises an efficiency of up to 6.2 miles per kWh, which surpasses the rear-wheel drive Ioniq 6. And since it’ll be made in Europe rather than China, subsidies – assuming they’ll be available in 2026 – can shave off even more. Of course, Renault doesn’t sell in the US, so this EV won’t be available stateside, but Europeans in most countries could likely lease it for as low as €100 a month.

Renault is thought also to be negotiating with VW to develop a small EV priced less than 20,000, but neither company has verified the deal.

Ampere plans to launch a total of seven electric models by 2031, of which around 1 million vehicles will be produced each year. Renault says it will launch the all-electric R5 this year, with the R4 concept to follow next year.

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