I put snow tires on my VW ID.4 this winter – here’s how it went


I drive a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro S in Vermont, and while I didn’t put snow tires on it last year, I put Bridgestone Blizzak LM005s on it this year. Here’s how it went.

My 2023 AWD VW ID.4 Pro S with an 82 kWh Li-ion battery pack did just fine on its all-season tires last winter. This 295 hp with 339 pound-feet of torque EV has a four-wheel independent suspension that gives it improved traction, and the ID.4 AWD has a Traction mode feature, which engages both motors together at lower speeds. 

But I decided to put snow tires on this winter to see if it improved traction in messy conditions, as I’m not a massive fan of taking safety risks. So, thanks to the folks at Bridgestone, I got to test a set of Blizzak LM005s. They have 3D sipes (the grooves that help improve grip) and a high sipe density pattern that improves traction on snow and ice.

They also have a directional tread pattern for grip and snow-shearing force and an advanced tread compound – the part of the tire that connects to the road. It’s the tread pattern that makes snow tires noisy, but I found the sounds of the LM005s to be pretty discreet.

If you think it’s weird that I’m writing about snow tires in May, know that the 2023-24 “winter” in Vermont ran well into the spring months – the snow in my yard only melted a few weeks ago. When we did get snow, the temperature would fluctuate between below-freezing to the 40s and 50s, creating sleet and freezing rain and fun stuff like that. Then we got two big dumps of snow in March: two feet, then 1.5 feet.

So, I tested the LM005s in slush, packed snow, puddles, and icy patches on dirt, gravel, and pavement. They had solid snow traction and braking when I drove for two hours after the 1.5-foot dump to get in a late skiing session at Okemo (main photo). I had complete control of my car; handling and braking were solid on flat stretches, hills, and all surface types.

The time I felt my tires slip was in wet slush on my long gravel driveway on a hill. A tricky curve has pushed more than one car off the drive into the snow, including our plow guy’s truck, and that slushy curve tested these tires. When I felt grip loss, I adjusted my driving and didn’t slide off my drive. I drove slowly when ice formed because I’m not an idiot, so I didn’t feel slippage.

EVs are heavier than gas cars due to the weight of their powertrains, which helps keep them more stable on the road. It also means they wear out tires more quickly. The LM005s aren’t EV-specific, but their frictional grip was more than adequate for my ID.4. I’ve now put my all-seasons back on, and I will be interested to see how many winters I get out of the LM005s. The mechanic said they’re good to go for next winter. I’ll report back.

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