Hyundai will bring custom tuning to EVs with N Performance Parts line shown on IONIQ 5 N concept


Hyundai will bring custom tuning to EVs with N Performance Parts line shown on IONIQ 5 N concept

During Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Hyundai Motor Company offered a glimpse of a more customizable future for its “N” performance brand EVs. During the show, the Korean automaker unveiled the IONIQ 5 N NPX1 – a customized concept featuring several upgrades from N Performance Parts that will be available to customers in the future.

Hyundai Motor’s N and N Line performance sub-brands remain relatively young but have already begun transitioning into electrification, like their parent company, to bring track-friendly designs and parts upgrades to Hyundai EVs like the IONIQ series.

We saw the N brand’s first all-electric model – the IONIQ 5 N, officially debut in North America in November of 2023, following months of teasing. Compared to its standard IONIQ 5 predecessor, the N version EV saw several performance improvements, including 42 additional welding points and 6.9 feet of other structural adhesives, reinforcing the EV’s battery and motors while creating extra rigidity.

The track EV also debuted new features like N Launch Control and N Active Sound+, which can emit fighter jet noises while you’re doing a hot lap. Already known for performance, Hyundai’s N brand is introducing a new line of parts to further enhance the tuning experience for drivers – a facet of autos that hasn’t quite made its way over to EVs just yet.

To showcase some of these new performance parts, Hyundai used them to build a concept called the IONIQ 5 N NPX1, seen below.

Hyundai N parts
The Hyundai IONIQ 5 NPX1 concept / Credit: Hyundai Motor

Hyundai to launch performance EV parts for N brand

Similar to how Hyundai’s N and N Line performance brand has been building track-friendly versions of its combustion cars for years, N Performance Parts had been previously developing and selling tuning upgrades and is now going electric.

That process began in Tokyo today when Hyundai unveiled a prototype N Performance Parts line, implemented on a one-of-a-kind IONIQ 5 N concept seen above. The all-electric NPX1 concept features a carbon front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing spoiler, lightweight hybrid carbon wheels, high-performance brake pads, and lowering springs.

Inside the EV’s cockpit, Hyundai N has installed Alcantara textiles and racing bucket seats (not pictured). Joon Park, vice president of N brand management group, spoke to the new like of Hyundai performance parts:

In 2024, Hyundai Motor Company will take a step forward as a leader in new tuning parts suitable for the high-performance EV era as demonstrated with the ‘NPX1’ concept model. Not limited to tuning parts, we are also developing software customization such as sound and vehicle calibration by OTA updates which will open a completely new category of EV customization for an exciting future ahead for the tuning community.

Hyundai says it will continue to develop the prototype N Performance Parts showcased on and within the NPX1 concept today as it prepares for sales to the public later this year. Those parts will first be available for IONIQ 5 N tuning but will eventually be expanded to all N-brand vehicles.

Electrek’s take

Honestly, what isn’t Hyundai Motor Group doing right now? The company is dabbling in a little bit of everything in electric mobility, and it’s still doing it better than most in those segments.

There are plenty of automakers out there that make EVs that go super fast in a straight line, but how many of them are being specifically built for hairpin turns and track racing? Better yet, how many of them offer tuning upgrades?

Hyundai N is going electric in its own right, and its first example in the IONIQ 5 N is a beauty, and the IONIQ 6 N is not far behind. Unique and customized already, it’s awesome to see the N brand introducing even more performance parts for someone who doesn’t want to simply drive stock.

Options like this can draw a wider audience of car enthusiasts and potentially (hopefully) swap some more ICE drivers to come over to the green side. What do you guys think?

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