HummingbirdEV tech powers Keshi Group electric mining vehicles in China – Charged EVs


US-based vehicle electrification system supplier HummingbirdEV has provided 393 electric mining vehicles powered by its EV technologies under a licensing agreement with Keshi Group, a China-based manufacturer of coal mining vehicles and equipment. They are now in operation in Chinese mines.

The vehicles have payload capacities of between 16,000 and 30,000 lbs. They include HummingbirdEV’s 400 V and 800 V vehicle system integration platforms, vehicle management unit, battery management system, charging systems, bidirectional inverters and battery systems accommodating up to 5C charging rates. Vehicle types include inspection, command and passenger vehicles as well as material-hauling trucks.

This deployment culminates a seven-year partnership between the two companies to build, certify and place into operation the first electric mining vehicles. Mass production of the explosion-proof vehicles began in 2019, and Keshi Group forecasts that it will produce a total of 1,920 by 2033.

“We will continue to work with HummingbirdEV to provide modern and innovative solutions for coal mine auxiliary transportation,” said Hanjun Jiang, President of Keshi Group.

Source: HummingbirdEV

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