Honda to begin sales of N-VAN e: commercial EV in Japan in October – Charged EVs


Honda to begin sales of N-VAN e: commercial EV in Japan in October – Charged EVs

Japanese automaker Honda Motor will start sales in Japan of a new commercial mini-EV, the N-VAN e:, in October.

The N-VAN e: is a commercial mini-EV model developed by adding EV features to the gasoline-powered N-VAN, such as a power output function and a quiet cabin (and adding a colon to the name). It maintains N-VAN features including a flat, low floor and high ceiling creating a large cargo space and a large opening on the passenger side made possible by eliminating the center pillar.

The N-VAN e: has a large-capacity battery, downsized eAxle and a centralized layout of high-voltage components to provide sufficient practical range and large cargo space for commercial use. The van has a range of up to 152 miles (WLTC), and it features a battery cooling and heating system designed to inhibit degradation in battery performance caused by high or low temperatures.

Honda will offer four variants of the N-VAN e: for commercial and personal uses.

The e: L4 is the standard four-seater model. Based on the e: L4, the e: FUN version is styled for hobbies and leisure activities.

The e: G is designed for commercial application, and has no passenger seat. The passenger side dashboard is shaped to enable long items to fit in the space. The interior is 95 mm longer than the gasoline-powered N-VAN and the floor height is 120 mm lower than the four-seater e: L4 and e: FUN.

The e: L2 features a front/rear tandem configuration of seats on the driver’s side. The vacant space without seats and the large opening without a pillar on the passenger side are designed to make it easier for loading and unloading.

The e: G and e: L2 versions are only available for lease sales through the Honda Fleet Sales Division and Honda ON, Honda’s new online store.

Source: Honda

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