Hitachi and Penske launch large-scale electric truck charging pilot in California – Charged EVs


Hitachi America, Hitachi Energy, and Penske Truck Leasing have partnered to launch a large-scale electric truck charging pilot in Stockton, California. Hitachi Energy has supplied Penske with its Grid-eMotion Fleet EV charging system. The DC fast charging solution is designed to deliver multi-megawatt-level charging power levels with a compact footprint.

Hitachi’s Grid-eMotion charging system in Stockton is already being used to charge a number of EVs in light-, medium- and heavy-duty classes. Its 10-pedestal system can charge as many as 10 trucks on-site at up to 100 kW or five trucks at up to 200 kW.

Penske has been testing electric commercial vehicles for years, and has deployed electric trucks across its leasing, rental and logistics fleets in several industries. The company has made substantial investments in testing and deploying charging infrastructure.

“Investing in our capabilities with electric vehicles and charging solutions is crucial as our customers seek to decarbonize their fleets and comply with emissions regulations,” said Art Vallely, President of Penske Truck Leasing. “Robust public and private charging infrastructures are essential to ensure the viability of commercial electric trucks in the future.”

“When we were first introduced to the Grid-eMotion solution, we were impressed with its capability and flexibility and what that could mean for our customers,” said Drew Cullen, Senior VP of Fuels and Facility Services at Penske. “This installation in Stockton will provide real-world experience and significantly enhance our collaboration with Hitachi.”

Source: Hitachi Energy

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