Greenlane plans commercial EV charging corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas – Charged EVs


Greenlane plans commercial EV charging corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas – Charged EVs

Florida-headquartered commercial vehicle EV charging network Greenlane, a joint venture between Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources and BlackRock Climate Infrastructure, has announced plans for a 280-mile corridor of charging stations linking Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

The stations will provide more than 100 chargers. The initial sites will be along Interstate 15 in California at Colton, Barstow and Baker. Additional sites will be added later, extending the network to Southern Nevada and San Pedro, California.

The flagship station in Colton is targeted for a spring groundbreaking and an opening in late 2024. It will offer 60 charging points, including 400 kW DC fast chargers, as well as 200 kW charging options and multiple passenger car charging stalls. Future plans call for overnight charging lanes for tractor-trailer combinations and chargers featuring the Megawatt Charging System when it becomes commercially available.

“By using a predictive modeling tool to simulate truck traffic and energy flow at the site we can determine how many chargers are necessary to meet the regional demand based on vehicle characteristics and departure and arrival times for vehicles hauling freight along this corridor,” said Greenlane CEO Patrick Macdonald-King. “Our findings indicated that placing the three stations approximately 60 to 90 miles apart would maximize uptime for day-cab drivers by enabling shorter charging sessions at each stop and ultimately allowing customers to move freight confidently without any limitations.”

Source: Greenlane

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