Google-backed Gravity claims fastest EV charging in America


Gravity, a New York-based EV charging startup backed by Google Ventures, claims to be rolling out the fastest chargers in the U.S.

The startup’s chargers, which as of Monday are available for public use at a single location in New York City, can charge at a peak power rate of 500 kw and add 2,400 miles of range per hour of charging, equivalent to 200 miles in just five minutes, according to a Gravity press release.

That means greater charging power than the latest generation of Tesla Superchargers. For now, Tesla’s Supercharger V4 is limited to 350 kw, although some have noted it may eventually be able to top 600 kw.

Gravity EV charging center in New York City

The initial location, a parking garage on West 42nd Street in one of the densest parts of New York’s Manhattan borough, includes 24 charging stalls. Charging is available seven days a week, with on-site attendants and a tap-and-pay interface, according to Gravity. It’s quite a different environment than the indoor urban EV charging station Electrify America recently revealed.

The startup also claims its hardware, which was previously tested with commercial fleets, is bidirectional-charging ready. Tesla is set to add that capability in 2025.

Gravity EV charging center in New York City

Gravity EV charging center in New York City

Gravity says its fast-charging hardware is 90 times faster than a Level 2 AC charger with the same footprint. In this installation, the startup also claims no additional strain on the grid, with no utility upgrades were made to the building or surrounding grid infrastructure.

This is means “faster charging than any car currently on the U.S. market can accept,” according to Gravity. Many automakers are looking to higher power charging in future vehicles, though. Porsche has pointed to 400 kw charging in future models, for instance.

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