Gocycle unveils new images of its premium, lightweight belt-drive cargo electric bike


Gocycle, a premium British electric bike maker known for its lightweight commuter e-bikes featuring exotic materials and designs, is now setting its sights on the growing market of cargo e-bikes. And the company has just shared the first photos of its upcoming CXi and CX+ cargo electric bikes.

We’ve previously only seen computer renderings of Gocycle’s upcoming premium cargo e-bikes, but now we’re getting our first look at the real bikes.

The images of these pre-production bikes showcase just how radically different the design approach is compared to today’s major cargo e-bike manufacturers.

The approach fits with Gocycle’s MO of providing unique, standout models that are designed for rugged everyday use and that look good while doing it.

As the company explained, “Gocycle’s Family Cargo entrants showcase the latest evolution of the brand’s OneDesignDNA® philosophy, which is underpinned by class-leading lightweight, seamless design and complete integration. Diverging from the workhorse of cargo bikes, Gocycle’s CXi & CX+ embody a soul born of fun for life and will be the ultimate cargo e-bikes of choice for discerning families across the globe.”

gocycle family cargo electric bike

They aren’t kidding about lightweight, either. At just 50 lb (22.6 kg), we’re looking at some of the lightest cargo designs in the world. Most cargo e-bikes we test weigh at least 50% more.

It took a lot of custom work to get there, and you’ll notice that unlike most electric bikes, Gocycle doesn’t use very many off-the-shelf parts.

With a design team tracing its lineage back to McClaren, custom-designed high-performance components make up most of the bike.

“As we start to qualify our production tooling, we are excited to share a first look at some of the pre-production CXi & CX+ models undergoing evaluation and testing,” said  Richard Thorpe, Designer & Founder of Gocycle. “At Gocycle we cook with different ingredients, with our OneDesignDNA philosophy running through the core of every model. Instantly recognizable as a Gocycle, the all new CXi employs Gocycle’s kernel of patented innovations such as our side-mounted Pitstopwheels, Gocycle’s F1-inspired monocoque chassis, enclosed Cleandrive® drivetrain and internal cabling.”

“Lightweight, portable and fun. Gocycle’s take on Family Cargo addresses a vital gap in the market, appealing to those discerning families put off by cumbersome and heavy cargo bikes. Be it an urban, marine or rural setting, CXi & CX+ will offer incredible versatility with multiple accessory configurations available at launch.”

It’s a rare case of racecar design and technology meets minivan utility, shuttling around kids and cargo in a lightweight and stylish package. With 420 lb (190 kg) of load capacity and up to 132 lb (60 kg) on the rear rack, the Family Cargo bike can haul some serious weight.

And for those kiddos in rear, Gocycle has it’s own solution for keeping the most precious cargo safe and secure. Just one of several in-house accessories developed by the brand is its innovative F1-inspired HaloCX protective handrail for smaller passengers.

“Inspired by F1 and my own experiences with my son doing the school run on a Gocycle, HaloCX redefines safety and ergonomics for kids. Crafted from carbon fiber, it’s lightweight yet incredibly strong. With no sharp corners or welded joints, smooth to hold and feel, it’s a seamless blend of safety and fun.”

And the components are equally top-shelf, including a hydro-formed aluminum front frame with carbon fiber rear frame, carbon fiber single-sided front fork, carbon belt drive from Gates integrated into a Shimano Nexus 5-speed internally geared rear hub transmission with automatic electric shifting, torque sensor pedal assist providing speeds up to 20 mph (32 km/h) for Class 1 operation, smart connectivity, daylight running lights, and a 375 Wh battery with a claimed 50 mile (80 km) max range.

Oh, and the entire bike folds for easy storage.

With all that said, you didn’t expect a premium carbon fiber automatic-shifting e-bike like this to come cheap, did you? All of those custom parts and high-end manufacturing add up, and the bike starts at an MSRP of US $6,999.

Pre-orders are open with a refundable $499 deposit, and shipping is estimated to begin in September of this year.

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