Get ready, American-made fireproof electric bike batteries are coming


A new collaboration between three different companies will see US-produced battery cells that could soon lead to fireproof e-bike batteries.

The development comes thanks to contributions from Nanotech Energy, Soteria, and Voltaplex.

Fireproof battery cells that make their way into electric bike batteries could help address what is seen as a growing concern in the US and around the world: electric bike battery fires.

We’ve covered the increase in such battery fires over the last few years, though it’s important to point out how the problem is much smaller than it would appear in much of the media.

It’s still a critical issue that has led to fatal fires. But even in what has become the epicenter of e-bike fires, New York City, residents are still more than 5x likely to die on the subway or from choking on their food than from an electric bike battery fire.

So while the issue should be viewed in proportion, it is nonetheless an issue that requires addressing. And fireproof battery cells may be the solution.

For now, it looks like that solution will be comprised of graphene-powered 18650 battery cells produced with Soteria’s metalized polymer current collectors and Nanotech’s electrolyte, as well as proprietary electrodes.

Voltaplex, a battery pack manufacturer, will then use those cells to produce batteries specifically designed for electric bikes.

Nanotech’s pouch cells and 18650 cells have demonstrated impressive resilience under extreme abuse. A typical Li-ion battery cell will usually erupt in flames after being damaged or punctured. But video tests show Nanotech’s cells being shot with a bullet while remaining inert.

In the demonstration video below, a conventional battery cell on the left shoots flames under the same damage test.

Several different measures are currently underway to improve battery safety in the e-bike industry, including the standardization of safety certification requirements such as UL certification.

However, by using graphene-based battery cells to mitigate fire risk would take safety even further, as even a UL-certified battery pack could still catch fire if abused… such as being shot with a bullet.

via: BikeMag

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