Gear up for outdoor adventures with BLUETTI’s huge spring sale


Gear up for outdoor adventures with BLUETTI’s huge spring sale

Spring is in the air, and BLUETTI is celebrating with some incredible deals on its lineup of best-selling power stations and battery packs to take along on your next camping trip or outdoor adventure. Plus BLUETTI is unleashing extra-special deals on two solar-powered newcomers. But like the change of seasons, these offers won’t last, so read below to learn more.

It’s time to gear up and hit the road to beat the summer rush, whether that’s van life, glamping, RV camping, or more rugged, off-grid experiences. But don’t go it alone – bring BLUETTI! From portable power solutions to expandable battery packs, BLUETTI is the undisputed leader in providing world-class solutions for all of your power needs, no matter where you go. BLUETTI can totally transform the way you and your family experience the outdoors – providing clean, sustainable power for your phones and laptops, electric stoves, coffee makers, mini-fridges, and other essentials to keep things comfortable and running smoothly, all without the mess, pollution, noise of gas generators.

And BLUETTI offers a range of products to fit every bill – now until March 24, you can find savings of up to $1,900. Here are some of the ways that BLUETTI can make a difference:

The ultimate camping and RV upgrade: SwapSolar ecosystem

Get the AC180T, MultiCooler, and B70 SwapSolar bundle for a super early-bird price of $1,719 (retail price is $2,627). Save $908!

Don’t just go camping, go BLUETTI-style camping with this new, groundbreaking SwapSolar ecosystem, offering the world’s first LFP-powered MultiCooler portable fridge and ice maker with the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station. Enjoy refrigerated food, cold drinks, and even freshly made ice to order, wherever you are, all while keeping your devices up and running.

BLUETTI 3-in-1 MultiCooler

The new BLUETTI 3-in-1 MultiCooler works as a fridge, freezer, and portable ice maker, and its 53 pounds is designed for easy, ergonomic carrying. Plus, what could be better than frosty ice-cold drinks after a long day outdoors? Only BLUETTI can both keep food cool and make ice (in a variety of cube sizes) at the same time. The MultiCooler has a 42-quart capacity to pack about three days’ worth of food or enough room for 60 canned drinks.

The B70 comes equipped with an AI-BMS system to ensure safe and stable charging and discharging, and when combined with the AC180T, you’ve got six days of battery life. You can also rotate the BLUETTI’s detachable B70, an LFP battery pack (716.8Wh), in and out of the AC180T to keep things running.

BLUETTI just launched an Indidogo campaign that lets you in on some of the best deals ever. Get the AC180T, MultiCooler, and B70 bundle for a super early-bird price of $1,719 (retail price is $2,627). But it’s only available in limited quantities, so act fast.

Explore farther with light, easy portable power

On sale now for $179 (regular price: $249). Save $70!

If you’re looking for easy portable power to take with you on your next trip, check out the pint-sized AC2A, a sturdy, compact powerhouse that is easy to carry while powerful enough for 300W of continuous output. Equipped with 204.8Wh capacity, it’s the perfect grab-and go power station for ensuring you’ve got plenty of juice for your phone, portable devices, coffee makers, and other essentials for outdoor getaways, RV trips, and camping. Even better, it’s on sale now for $179 (regularly priced $249).


On sale now at $449 (regular price: $699). Save $250!

If you’re ready to take it up a notch, check out the BLUETTI AC70, which features 1,000W continuous power and multiple outlets to connect various appliances all at once – even energy-intensive devices such as hair dryers, electric kettles, electric blankets, heaters, etc. Like the AC2A, you can control and monitor the system via the BLUETTI App, and its Power Lifting Mode can handle loads of up to 2,000W. Fast-charging up to 80% only takes 45 minutes, and it supports pass-through charging. Also, the AC70 allows up to 500W solar input, so no reason to ever worry about your battery dying if it’s sunny outside. The AC70 is now on sale at $449, slashed from its original price of $699.

AC180 + PV200

AC180 + 1*PV200
On sale now for $899 (originally priced at $1,499). Save $600!

This solar generator kit comes with BLUETTI’s flagship AC180 and 1*PV200 solar panel, to enable you to replenish this 1,152Wh power station to 80% in around three hours. The AC180 can support off-grid living or van-lifestyles and RV camping, while providing 1,800W of power, or 2,700 in Power Lifting Mode to run energy-intensive devices such as hair dryers, coffee makers, electric stoves, kettles, and heaters. All the comforts of home, in the great outdoors.

Plus the responsive UPS features also make it reliable backup power in sudden power failures, and it comes fully equipped with 11 outlets to handle everything you’ve got. As for controlling remotely, the AC180 can be operated with the BLUETTI App. Now you can get the system for only $899, down from $1,499 for $600 in savings!

On-the-go power for the great outdoors

Introducing: AC200L
On sale for $1,399 (original price: $1,999). Save $600!

BLUETTI has truly upped its game with this cream-of-the-crop newcomer, the AC200L, which brings 2,400W of clean, sustainable power, and 3,600W in Power Lifting Mode to juice up just about anything you’ve got.

The 2,048Wh battery can be recharged in just two hours using the 1,200W solar charger. If you plug the AC200L into the wall using the 2,400W Turbo Charge mode, it charges in just 90 minutes without requiring a bulky adapter. Plus you can keep tabs on the AC200L in real time using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and can adjust settings via the BLUETTI App to switch to ECO mode to save battery life, and much more.

Pair the AC200L with a the D40 for a high-efficiency DC power source that supplies 12V of seamless charging options for your RV batteries, as well as routers, speakers, and radios while either at home or on the road. Get your hands on the AC200L system for only $1,399, slashed from the original price of $1,999.


AC200MAX Expandable Power Station
 On sale for $1,299 (original price: $1,699). Save $400!

This sleek power station boasts 2,048Wh capacity and 2,200W of output, making it an ultra-complete companion for van life, glamping, off-the-grid living, or RV travel. Its front panel comes equipped with 16 outlets to power up your essentials, including coffee makers, small fridges, electric grills, etc. It can even run a CPAP machine for up to 40 hours, so you’ll be ready to roll without any compromise to your health.

With its efficient 900W solar intake, you’re never left wanting for power as long as the sun shines. Expand its capacity with a B230 or B300 expansion battery, and you can push it to a maximum of 8,192Wh. You can get your hands on the AC200MAX Expandable Power Station now for $1,299 (original price is $1,699).

Don’t miss BLUETTI’s spring savings, while they last!

As with any BLUETTI sale, BLUETTI isn’t cutting corners on this incredible spring sale, and you won’t want to miss out on these great savings – for the perfect gift or for yourself! But these special deals won’t last, just until March 24. So act now before it’s too late!


Backed by more than 10 years of experience and a fierce commitment to the environment, BLUETTI has curated an extensive and reliable product portfolio tailored for adventures, emergency backup power, and off-grid living, making a tangible and positive impact on minimizing its carbon footprint for the planet. That’s why BLUETTI is an industry leader available in more than 100 countries and trusted by millions of customers around the world. 

Photo: Courtesy of BLUETTI

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