Future McLaren supercars to be heavily inspired by Formula One


  • McLaren’s new hypercar is expected to launch later this year incorporating a new design philosophy.
McLaren’s new hypercar is expected to launch later this year incorporating a new design philosophy.

McLaren has released a new set of teaser images previewing what its future supercars would look like. The British supercar marquee, which got a new owner recently, has revealed its fresh design philosophy that looks like it was inspired heavily by Formula One. Interestingly, the carmaker has taken a cue from nearly every aspect of its past heritage to create the new design language, which includes Formula One and Can-Am racing.

The teaser images reveal that the front profiles of the future McLaren supercars will continue to sport a low nose and two distinct symmetrical elements. The new McLaren 750S is a good example of this design philosophy with its integrated headlamp and air intake unit, which enhance aerodynamic efficiency. However, the automaker has not said specifically how such elements will be incorporated into the next-generation supercars.

The side profile of the new McLaren supercar would come sharper and more defined compared to the 750S, as the OEM has teased. The downward kink into the doors comes deeper making a more pronounced front fender bulge, while the roof looks flat and smoothly flowing into the rear deck of the car.

Moving to the rear of the car, the overhang covers an open and exposed back end that is visible in the current lineup of McLaren supercars. This design element helps in dissipating heat. The future McLaren supercars would come to accentuate their width and lower ride height with horizontally oriented design elements, which could come in the form of diffusers and other aerodynamic components.

Not only the exterior, interior of the future McLaren supercar will also incorporate a new design philosophy. The cabin will feature wrap-around cockpits. However, that will not compromise the feeling of spaciousness that integrates concave surfaces into the cabin.

Expect all these styling elements and the new design philosophy to be visible in the next hypercar of the automaker. McLaren is working on the new hypercar, which is expected to launch later in 2024 and it would come promising more than 1,000 bhp peak power from a plug-in hybrid V8 engine.

First Published Date: 28 Mar 2024, 10:57 AM IST

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