FreeWire Boost Power Pro EV chargers offer bidirectional capabilities and work during blackouts


Innovative EV charging developer FreeWire Technologies is improving its flagship lineup of Boost chargers to offer an even more flexible and capable lineup that now includes bidirectional capabilities, power sharing, and site backup should the local grid encounter any power outages.

While the infrastructural world and local electric cals struggle to keep up with the rising number of EVs hitting the road, FreeWire has introduced a unique lineup of battery integrated chargers that are easier to install and utilize existing low-voltage and low-power grid connections while still delivering DC EV charging performance levels.

The company’s current portfolio includes Boost 150 and Boost 200 chargers, designed to support businesses and commercial fleets, which are further supported by FreeWire’s proprietary Asset Management Platform (AMP), which uses AI to determine the ideal locations for installs and provides data and tools beyond deployment.

The technology has garnered interest from several clients, including GM, and has vowed to support EV automakers by adopting the North American Charging Standard (NACS). FreeWire Technologies is celebrating ten years of existence in 2024 and is kicking off this year with a promising new “Boost” to its line of EV chargers called the Pro Series.

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FreeWire launches innovative Pro Series of EV chargers

Per FreeWire, its new Boost Power Pro chargers debut under a new line of piles, leveraging the same built-in energy storage technology but with several impressive features, including bidirectional capabilities.

Customers deploying the new chargers will not only be able to avoid less red tape through the installation process but also alleviate grid dependency and even keep charges going during grid blackouts. FreeWire COO Martin Lynch elaborated:

Designed with quality and serviceability in mind, the Boost Charger Pro and Boost Power Pro are more than just chargers; they’re comprehensive energy solutions ensuring preparedness and flexibility in a wide range of scenarios. ur relentless commitment to research and development has positioned FreeWire as a pioneer in advancing sustainable energy solutions. The Pro Series reflects our dedication to delivering innovative and reliable technology, setting new standards for the future of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Here are some of the new features FreeWire’s Boost Pro Chargers will offer:

  • Blackout Charging: Uninterrupted EV fast charging during power outages by utilizing the energy stored in its integrated battery.
  • Site Backup Power: In the event of a grid failure, the system automatically taps into the energy stored in the integrated battery to provide emergency backup power to the local site.
  • Power Sharing: Allows for the interconnection of multiple chargers, merging energy storage capabilities into a large-scale energy storage system.
  • Flexible Input Power: The new Pro Series was designed to be compatible with any pre-existing electrical setup, with input power capable of scaling up to 53 kW, significantly less input power required by traditional DC fast chargers.
  • Simultaneous Charging: FreeWire ports can now be customized with either CCS or NACS connectors, distributing power in precise increments, ensuring both EVs are charged using the maximum power available.
  • Grid Services: Hosts who choose to participate can send energy back to the utility grid during peak demand or critical events under the management of FreeWire, providing financial incentives to site owners.
  • Energy Management: FreeWire can protect owners from costly charges during windows of high energy demand, enabling control of when power from the local grid is used.

FreeWire states that its Boost Power Pro and Boost Charger Pro chargers are available to reserve today and will begin shipping to customers in North America in Q2 2024. Here’s an informative intro video from FreeWire explaining the capabilities of the new technology.

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