Ford RS200 & MK1 Escort to make a comeback but with a twist. Check details


Ford RS200 & MK1 Escort to make a comeback but with a twist. Check details

Boreham Motorworks has signed a licensing agreement with Ford that allows them to build modern iterations of iconic racecars from the American carmake

The Ford MK1 Escort and RS200 were two iconic production and racing cars from within the legacy of the American carmaker that will be brought back as reimagined and continuation models by Boreham Motorworks. (DRVN Automotive Group)

Boreham Motorworks has recently signed a licensing agreement with Ford to bring back the American carmaker’s iconic models. The UK-based brand is the motorsports division of the DRVN Automotive Group, and they have announced that they will be building reimagined, modern iterations of both production and race cars under Ford’s legacy. The series will be kicked off with the release of the RS200 and the MK1 Escort.

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Boreham has stated that they are planning to keep production numbers quite low for every model. According to the company, they plan to reimagine the iconic RS200 and build it in a modern fashion. The MK1 Escort will, however, be the first model to be released from the series, and Boreham expects to reveal it later this year. The company has further stated that they are planning to build at least five more models apart from the RS200 and the Escort.

Racing icons relived and reimagined

Ford Escort
The MK1 Ford Escort was a successful race car and was powered by a 1.5-litre Lotus-made engine. (DRVN Automotive Group)

The brand intends to make a version of the Escort that is blueprint accurate for its time period, and they will go as far as having continuation VINs for the car. The Ford Escort was a small family car manufactured by Ford from 1968 till 2002. With six generations, the Escort was often the best-selling car in the UK during the late-eighties. The MK1 Escort (first generation of the Escort) was a successful rally car in the form of the Escort Twin Cam, which was practically unbeatable with its Lotus-made eight-valve twin-camshaft 1.5-litre engine.

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Boreham has not stated much about what they intend to do with the RS200 reimagination but they are expected to keep much of the original structure which featured a very light, plastic-fibreglass composite body which bore a mid-engined layout with a four-wheel drive system. The RS200 was a sports car developed by Ford for the sole purpose of going racing in the famed Group B of the World Rally Championship (WRC). The FIA, the global motorsports authority, required that every car that was entered by a manufacturer must have two hundred part kits along with at least one road legal variant. It was run by a 1.8-litre turbocharged Cosworth engine that made 250 bhp for the road-legal variant and between 350-450 bhp for the track version.

Ford RS200
The RS200 was made purely for the intention of entering the Group B rally championship under the WRC and was powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged Cosworth engine producing 350-450 bhp on the track version. (DRVN Automotive Group)

While these are set to be reimagined and continuation models of old icons, Ford themselves are bringing out an icon from the past in a new and modern shell. The carmaker has recently teased the Capri, which is an electric SUV coupe based on the Ford Explorer EV. The original Ford Capri serves as an inspiration for the upcoming model and was a fastback coupe sold between 1968 to 1986. It featured mechanical components from the Ford Cortina MK2 and was meant to be the Mustang for Europe.

First Published Date: 30 Jun 2024, 12:00 PM IST

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