Ford partners with Allego to bring ultra-fast charging up to 400 kW to dealerships around Europe


Ford and ultra-fast EV charging network Allego have announced a new strategic partnership to deploy chargers in hundreds of dealerships across Europe. EV drivers like those in the new all-electric Ford Explorer will soon be able to access Allego chargers offering rates up to 400 kW.

Ford Motor Company ($F) is an American automaker that needs no introduction, so we’ll fill you in on Allego ($ALLG) instead. Allego is a Netherlands-based EV infrastructure developer that currently operates and maintains over 35,000 charging points across 16 different countries in Europe.

In addition to vehicle-agnostic charging solutions, Allego’s portfolio includes proprietary software, including EV Cloud, enabling customers to monitor and manage their charging infrastructure.

Its partners already include the City of London, Break Point, and McDonald’s, but it has just gained another big name in its Rolodex – Ford Motor Co. Together, Ford and Allego will work to expand the former’s Blue Oval EV charging network to more drivers across Europe.

Ford bolsters charging network in Europe with Allego

Per a release from the new strategic partners, Allego’s ultra-fast chargers will be installed across hundreds of Ford dealerships in the EU. The DC chargers will deliver rates up to 400 kW and become accessible to EV drivers 24/7, regardless of whether it’s a Ford model or not.

This will include new customers of the new all-electric Ford Explorer, the first BEV model built in and for the European market (we still don’t understand why this one isn’t in the US, but that’s another story). Ford Model e’s European head of charging and energy, Joerg Hofmeister, elaborated:

Ford believes charging infrastructure is one of the keys to giving consumers the confidence to make the switch to electric. Our partnership with Allego is going to make the charging experience faster and more convenient for our customers and encourage more drivers than ever to consider the benefits of zero emissions while driving in vehicles like our new electric Explorer.

While Ford will open Allego access to all DC charging-capable EVs in Europe, Ford drivers will see unique benefits, including preferential pricing rates when using their FordPass charging card and Plug & Charge capabilities to speed up the charging process.

When deployed, Allego’s ultra-fast chargers will operate within Ford’s BlueOval charging network, which already consists of over 600,000 EV charge points in Europe alone. The companies state the Allego charge rollout will begin across Ford’s network in Europe later this year.

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