Ford leaks J3400 to CCS adapter for Tesla Superchargers


Ford is seemingly leaked its J3400 to CCS adapter to give its EV owners access to Tesla’s Supercharger network.

It has been about a year since Ford became the first automaker to adopt Tesla’s connector – sending the NACS, now also known as J3400, on path to become the new standard EV connector in North America.

Since then, Tesla signed deals with virtually all automakers for them to incorporate the NACS connector in their upcoming vehicles starting in 2025, but in the meantime, automakers, like Ford, said that it would offer CCS to NACS adapters to their existing EV owners in North America to access the Supercharger network.

In December, Tesla said that it plans to make an adapter available to Ford and GM EV owners as soon as February.

Now, Ford has leaked the adapter:

It showed up on Ford’s parts website, but after it was discovered, the automaker took down the page.

The adapter looks fairly compact. Unfortunately, we don’t have the charge rate. Tesla Superchargers can charge up to 250 kW and sometimes, adapters can be a bottleneck in achieving the peak charge rate.

However, Ford’s current EVs charge below that capacity so it’s likely that the adapter wouldn’t be a problem.

Ford recently said that it would be giving away the adapter to existing owners for free.

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